Saturday, November 7, 2009

S4 Has a New Carseat

It is big news over here. S4 has grown out of his carseat and needed the booster seat. When we purchased the last carseat, I was sure it would be the very last carseat ever boughten. But alas, with the law requiring seat belts for all kids under eight I had three new seats to purchase. This one was suppose to be until eighty pounds. S4 is less than eighty pounds and when he has his coat on there is no way to buckle him in at all. We are saving his car seat for Jr, which he was happy about but the transition to the new seat went completely differantly than I thought it would go.

S4 wanted a seat JUST LIKE MARKY. Now, Marky got his big boy seat a very long time ago. I have no idea if they even sell Marky's seat at Walmart any more. And there is no way I am driving to the big cement city to get a seat that looks just like Marky's. We went to my favorite small farming town with a Walmart and looked at their three options. Well, four really but pink butterflies are never an option for us.

We had to sit on the seats and look at the colors and, yes, we found a seat. A gray and black seat that does NOT look like Marky's, but should be 'okay'.

I put it in the cart to go get always need in our household...and S4 began to moan his blues. "I just love my seat."

"It was a good car seat."

"I love my car seat."

"I will miss my car seat."

He was truly awfully pitiful.

We checked out and headed for the suburban where he began his slow march to say his final goodbye to the car seat. We opened the door, he looked at his seat, hung his head and cried " I will miss you good car seat."

Then, as though someone had switched children on me, he looks to me with a big smile and says, "Okay, new seat now!"

There was no way I was putting together the car seat in the middle of the Walmart parking lot on a windy cold day.

About five minutes later, we had the old car seat unbuckled and stuffed in the very back of the suburban and I had the car seat parts all over the parking lot. In order to do all this, my groceries were still in the cart because and because of the wind I was continually trying to hold the cart in place with my foot and try to snap the back on the carseat at the same time.

I have four boys (as you all well know). I should be an expert at putting together a car seat. I could not figure that thing out for anything. I could not find the directions for the life of me. When I FINALLY got it snapped in and went to put the comfy cover on it, well, THERE were the directions.


The entire time I am bent over a hunk of plastic trying to figure out how to snap it together, holding the cart in place with my foot, nearly doing the splits too many times, showing my backside to every passing vechicle, S4 was sitting comfortably in the suburban, minching on donut holes saying things like.....

"There, you got it, Moma."
"Oup, nope, you don't."
"This is a nice seat, Moma, not like Marky's."
"Can we go see Marky and show him my new seat?"
"It's cold, Moma, got it done yet?"
"How long will this take? It's been DAYS!"

He was a great cheerleader.

But, this grin at the end of it all was worth it! And buckling him in to a seat with his coat on is pretty great too!

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