Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sadie Gave Me Poison Ivy....

...or else I think she did.

Here is how it happened.

Jr, who was over tired and didn't appreciate in any way the thought of me putting him down even for a moment, and S4, who had worked hard to make a plow (stick) on his tricycle (he secretly thinks that that his Daddy will find his plow genius and let him help plow tonight) and wanted to show it off, headed out with the dogs and a basket of laundry to hang on the line.

S4 was busy showing off his plow and Jr was busy just experiencing outdoor freedom, when both dogs began to bark. They barked ferociously, and then took off. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, I figured it must have been a rabbit or something like that. I waited a bit and then called the dogs back. Sadie kept barking fiercely but Josie waddled on back. I finished hanging up the load of clothes and calling Sadie in answer to her barks. ("bark bark" pause "Sadie" pause "bark bark" etc)

I looked at a now happy Jr, a seriously sad his dog was missing S4, a more than fluffy dog who was sitting with her head cocked to me questioningly and sighed deeply. "Okay, let's go."

I lifted Jr to my shoulders where he immediately dug his chubby fingers thru my pony tail causing it to fall into my face and finally settled on hanging onto my ears as I took S4's hand and we followed Josie out to the great nasty, green, slimy swamp.

This swamp is the dividing line on our property. It would take little imagination to see alligators and long black snakes in it. It's just that nasty looking.

On the opposite side of the swamp, the part on our neighbors, was our black German shepherd Sadie barking ferociously at the terrible awful scary creature...our cat. Technically, it's not ours, but Georgia showed up last winter and liked the boys and table scraps they gave her so much she just stuck around. However, after this incident, she may take up residence some where else. I had to sorta chuckle when I thought about her getting all the way across that swamp and up safely in that tree. She musta seemed she had walked on water!

S4 was screaming in his most authoritative voice "Get-over-here-Sadie-and-I'll-give-you-a-bone." When she never even glance his way, he muttered "stinkin' darn dog". (His father taught him how to speak.)

Seeing we were getting no where, I decided to head toward the house again. As I went to turn back, I looked down at my flip flop clad (with pretty NYPD Beet nail polish on my toes) and seen I was standing in the middle of poison ivy.

I groaned aloud.

I had been so worried about Sadie I hadn't paid attention to the undergrowth we were walking on, or what we had to walk through to get out. Poison Ivy everywhere I looked.

For all my life I had never had poison ivy, until S4 was born and then I got a case of it that lasted all summer long. It was miserable. And I have gotten it every year since. Apparently, here on the farm, we grow great poison ivy.

So we headed back, more than fluffy Josie, jabbering away at the disobedience of Sadie S4 whose hand I was holding and clinging to my ears as he sat on my shoulder and my free hand held him there Jr. Really, we must have been a sight.

Just as we got up to the house, Sadie appeared. Soaked. Covered in green slime. A happy look on her face.

As soon as we got in the house, I shucked my jeans off (and desperately prayed no on would stop and need asparagus) and jumped in the tub with S4 to scrub our feet and hands down with Tecnu. I buy Tecnu in the largest quantities I can. I scrubbed and then I scrubbed just to be sure again and doused my flip flops and his crocs too and let them soak for a bit.

So far, no poison ivy. Or Georgia the cat. I'll keep you updated.


ValAnn said...

Well at least you saw the poison ivy and were able to scrub down... i don't know where mine came from! But I must go out and try to find some good stuff to put on it.

The Farmer's Wife said...

I wouldn't know poison ivy if I was standing in it! A blog friend of mine had a TERRIBLE case of it last year, blistery and seepy...even now I shudder thinking of the pictures.

At least your toenails were polished. That obviously protected you in a big way!