Friday, May 14, 2010

Today I'm Over at Destiny in Bloom!!!

And I am just thrilled about it! This is a GREAT blog that you can follow via twitter or facebook as well as on your blog read. I have been impressed with them since they began this great site. Stop by and leave a note, and then browse the site. It is truly great. I always love to see the artwork they have picked out as well.

This blog they have featured is one of my mom's most favorite blogs I have written. Thanks for picking it out for me, Mugs!

Can't thank Destiny in Bloom enough for the honor to be a featured writer today! THANK YOU! !


Rachelle said...

What a great read for me today! My twin boys (who we just adopted from China) are turning 4 in a few weeks and we are trying to help them understand that they are having a birthday. Your little guy sounds like a real sweetheart. Blessings..

Lauren said...

I just read your blog on DIB, and I love it. I am a four boys mom, too. Mine range from 13-5, so they are the same spread as yours. And I should have a coffee I.V. drip all the time...