Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Girl Day

I looked around the suburban where the boys were being loud and talking guns and pretending to fart just to get a reaction and I said to my husband, "I love you all a lot, but I am really looking forward to some girl time."

He was quiet a moment.  Then he returned with this gem.  "That's true.  You can go days without seeing another girl if you don't leave the house - and you don't much.  How lucky are you to not have to deal with girls?  I mean, do you know how great that is?"

This is when I knew it's been way too long since I have been out with just girls.

So today has been circled with exclamations points.  It's GIRL DAY!

Sue and I met up with two friends who we've been saying for forever "let's get together sometime" and not.  When I threw it out on facebook again (since we do not have each others phone numbers, although we do now...) Lorilee said, "January the 4th work?"  And, YES, it DID.

We finally decided to meet at Schuler's where we thought we'd chat for a bit.  We filled the parking meter for the two hours max thinking that would be plenty.

After two hours, we went back and filled it up again.

And after that two hours, we were out of change and standing on the sidewalk watching our vehicles that were out of time.

Schuler made basically no money on us.  We drank their never ending cup of coffee, ate a pastry, drank a ton of water and bothered the poor guy with the gray and black striped sweater for the bathroom key so we could pee a zillion times - after we figured out how to use the key. I nearly couldn't figure out the key and was about to ask the guy if he would open the door for me and how humiliating would that be?  But I (finally) got it figured out.

We talked (obviously), laughed, shared, giggled, dug deep, prayed, encouraged, was wonderful.

In fact, it was more than just wonderful but a great word to describe it is not coming to me right now.

When Alison left us, she left me with a to do list, and I love her for doing that to me.  I needed that.

And, thanks to Alison, I am writing "Talk to Jesus" on a paper and hanging it above my sink because I loved the way she said that.

Sue and I left to grab some lunch where our minds were still spinning from all we discussed.  Our ride home was too short, we had more to talk about.

I walked in my home's door and in the bathroom hung my Christmas present...a full length mirror.  For the first time I will get to see if my shoes really do go with my outfit.  My friends who have received pictures of me standing on a chair so they can see the outfit but not my head or shoes will so appreciate this news.

A full day with girls, a full length mirror.....ah, it was the most perfect day.  Soaking deep into me.  Making me talk my husbands ear off with giddiness.  Girl day's rock.

Now I'm off to cook frozen hamburger for sloppy joes for dinner.  With tater tots.  Because when Moma is gone all day, dinner suffers a bit.  But I think the super happy Moma is gonna more than make up for the so so dinner.


Mel's World with Melissa Mashburn said...

Agreed! But your boys will be happy with it no matter what...what's more important is that you got some time FOR YOU!!! So happy for you girlie! Big Hugs, Melissa

Alison Hodgson said...

It was so good to see you both! We can't let it go so long next time. The fire cramped my style for a while, but that was so last year.

The Farmer's Wife said...

What fun!

I think it's the rarity of the occasion that makes it precious...

Zaankali said...

My husband tells the kids "any meal I didn't have to make is a good meal" so I am sure your "men" were pleased too. =)