Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Weekend with SEVEN Boys

I think that title just sums it all up.

Our great nephews - yes, they are GREAT and they are great - came to stay with us over Easter so their parents could get away for their 10th Anniversary.

Honestly, the weekend went amazingly well.  We didn't even use an entire thing of Neosporin!  It may be the exhaustion talking but really, it was a ton of fun.

I spent most the time in the kitchen - shocker.  I had stocked up on food.  And An, being a foodie (really, she is the top dessert chef and baker at a well known restaurant) packed food.  I mean, the boys arrived with a COOLER.

We found use for the cooler so I am really glad she sent it.

Coolers make great chairs, did you know?

I spent a great amount time in the kitchen.  And most of the time the kitchen looked like this....

Notice the basket? An sent that too, filled with grown up goodies. She's lovely like that.

Do you notice how the sunshine streams into the kitchen, filling it with a cheery glow?  The cheery glow forgot to clean my kitchen.

Our floors looked like this...
The dart bullet is further proof of an all boy household. Well, except me. 

In fact, the youngest at five, J informed me our floors were made of dirt.  "No, honey," I explained sweetly, "I have only swept them twice today so they are only a little dirty.  Not made of dirt."  The photos shows you how much dirt one room had it in it.  

Of course, if two of my boys weren't thinking it was cool to wear cleats outside and then back inside and three (yes, husband, calling you out) of my boys didn't wear big bulky boots in and out, they would have been cleaner.

But what's the sense in not wearing those?

We watched a lot of A Team.  The show?  It is AWESOME to them.  And I kept falling asleep when it was on and my husband wondered why I was so tired.

For real.

Meal times were the best.

Here are some dinner highlights....

J had to have lemon on his glass every. single. meal.  And because he is J, he had lemon on his cup for every. single. meal.

One meal we spent a great deal of time guessing what J's favorite foods were.  Thankfully it was mac and cheese, which we were having for lunch then.

A big debate at one meal time was what exactly should they do when they caught Big Foot.  What cracked me up was that it wasn't even a question IF they would catch Big Foot, it was just what they would do when they did.  

At dinner one night they suddenly began singing Convoy.  I don't know why.  Then they began talking about how they used to think that the song was talking about flying black bears and grizzly bears in sky.

They weighed out the best way to have a food fight at school and not get caught.  Not getting caught seemed to be trickier than they thought it would be, and I was relieved to hear that.

The Sunday they were with us, it was Easter sunday.  We did not make it to sunrise service, although Jake and S1 and S2 made it to church at 5:30 to make breakfast.  And I was up at five to get dinner done.  We were only about ten minutes late to church breakfast - woohoo!

At the service, I looked down and saw this....

It made my heart melt.

And wish for a good coffee with an extra shot of espresso.  Okay, more than an extra shot.

But this?  This photo I love ever so much....

We "hillbilly-ified" the boys while they were with us.
We used a couch to say "only go this far in the driveway".  Yes, a couch.

And then, as all hillbillies do, we burned the couch at night.
The boys never ever wanted to leave our house then.

We didn't have an Easter egg hunt - I can do only so much - but we did make dirt cake.  I did not think to have gummy worms (how ever could I forget?) so J suggested we catch real worms.  Fortunately, the ground is still frozen otherwise I really believe he would have.

A has severe food allergies and I am pretty sure he was sick and tired of hearing me say, "Are you sure you can eat this?"  If you have a child with food allergies...God bless you.  What extra patience and creativity and wisdom you must be granted!

At night the boys giggled and laughed and wrestled and yelled until they fell exhausted asleep.  I made beds for them, they mostly slept on the floor.

During the day the door slammed about five hundred million times.  They quickly learned our front screen door requires kicking to open (seriously, it does) and that was all kinds of fun.

An sent a cooler and two bags of food.  I loaded up at the grocery store before they arrived.  I only needed two more runs to the store while they were here.  

They arrived on Friday morning, they left on Monday night.  These boys had never stayed more than a few hours at our home before, and always with their mom or both their parents.  They left in a flurry and silence fell over the house.

I waved goodbye to my extra boys and they didn't see me.

I shuffled back to the kitchen to finish cleaning up.  My husband didn't miss a beat.  "You miss them already, don't you?'

I sniffed.  And nodded.

It was a great weekend.  One I drank a lot of coffee over but a great weekend. 

S4, Whiskers Gray and J.  
So sorry, An, pretty sure J is going to need a bunny now.

And you all can thank me for telling you no bathroom or stinky stories.  But let's just say that having one bathroom is no fun.  And S may have gone home to tell his mother dear, "I have heard it said and it's probably true...Too much bathing, it will weaken you."  Hey, we did what we had to!

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