Thursday, April 11, 2013

If You Could Ask Me Eleven Questions

Today I am  making lemon bars (more on that later) and thought, "Hmm, I'll log onto my blog to remind myself that I want to blog today..."

And I had a comment along the lines of, "Congratulations on your Liebster Day Surprise!" and I really thought it was spam.

But apparently it is not.

I need to answer 11 questions and then tag some other blogs.

Since My Brady Bunch Family was nice enough to nominate me, I'll happily answer her questions....

1. When do you find time the time to blog?

Well, today, it was while I was making lemon bars.

Here's the thing...there are days when I look at something and find it so hilarious I simply must blog about it right then.  There are times when I am so busy and I think "I should blog about this" and so I send myself a title.  And there are times when whatever it is I am going through is so not funny to me that I don' want to blog about it but know it would be good for me to find the humor in it so I force myself to blog it.

But my time to blog is sporadic at best.

2.  If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

I. Have. No. Idea.

I guess I'll go with a kitten because we are going to be getting a kitten and it's going to be SO FUN so kitten it is for today.

3.  Describe what you feel when you see your favorite color.


4.  What is your favorite television show?

Downton Abbey, even if it made me cry.  All my boys in the house mock me and my show.

Together we watch Duck Dynasty, Survivorman, Top Gear (Rutledge is my favorite), and currently the boys are watching a lot of the A Team.

5.  What one thing would you like your children to take into adulthood?

A relationship with God.

Not a religion, not a church, a relationship.

6.  What does your family think of your blog?

The boys think that I know a million famous people and that I am a sort of superstar.  Seriously.

It's trickier now though, because S1's friends are reading my blog - hmmmm, I imagine it's because they want to find out what my take is on the stories they are hearing from the boys - so I try to keep that in mind too.

They also say a lot more of, "Oh no! This is going on the blog, isn't it?"

My husband thinks it's great all the friends we have across the country now.  And he wishes it made me money.

7.  What would your dream vacation be?

Tricky tricky!  Because I would love to travel and I am a total homebody so that is tricky....

BUT, it would be amazingly wonderful to have motor home and travel across the country to visit my blogging and moved friends.  Jake and I have talked about this over and over again.  It would be great to see the places my friends talk about, the towns I have read about in books, the important places of history in our country.

The boys want to go have dinner with the Robertson's of Duck Dynasty.

8.  What is your favorite midnight snack?

Ice cream.

I like ice cream with warm brownies or those break apart and bake cookies.

9.  What daily chore do you despise the most?

Daily chore would be cleaning up the kitchen after it was just clean until I got dinner done and now it is a huge mess again.

Otherwise, it's folding socks.  Dread socks.

Or the bathroom.  Ick.  But I try to keep our one and only bathroom clean so it's not overwhelming.  That's tough when they decided to wash a muddy dump truck in the bathroom sink or a chicken is recovering in our bathtub from some near death experience.

10.  What advice would you give to a first time blogger?

Don't over think it.

If you want to blog, it's for a reason.  If you are like me, you make up posts in your head and all the words get louder and louder and you don't get them to quiet down until you type them out.  So type them out and push send.  If nothing else, it is a great journal of your life.

11.  If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

I instantly think of Cinderella.

Three wishes?  I. Have. No. Idea.

I am sure we could over think the three wishes thing but the lemon bars are done in the oven now and I am trying to wrap this up...

Thanks for nominating me!!!!

Oh, 11 blogs.

How about this instead?  Pick 11 blogs from my list of blogs I follow (it's embarrassingly long) and pick some you have never read and visit them for just one post to read.

Maybe you will meet a new friend then!

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~UnSuper Mom~ said...

Loved it! Thank you for participating... I agree with you about socks.. we have a LOT of socks lol. We just throw them all in the sock bucket, a rubbermaid type container that also doubles as a makeshift baby gate lol!