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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bear About Ate Him

Lately my boys have been looking through our photo albums and we came across the pictures from our first trip to the U.P. (Upper Peninsula, MI, for all you non-michiganders out there!) Our oldest boy was four and our only other boy at the time was one (THAT was a long time ago!) It was our first ‘family vacation’ and we went up to my husband’s family’s eighty acres and cabin. Our oldest was all excited as could be and my husband was more than willing to tell him all the stories of glory from his childhood there.

“See that grove of trees over there, son?”

Our oldest nodded emphatically. “Yup, Daddy, I see it.”

“Your Grandpa shot a bear out there, years ago.”

“Really? Was it big?”

“Pretty big. I wouldn’t want to see it. But don’t worry, that was a long time ago.”


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ValAnn said...

I just blogged about Faith, too. Isn't it neat to see the Faith that our children have? There are so many times that I pray for that "childlike" faith... Very good story!