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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just ANOTHER Sunday (again).............

Well, Sunday has arrived again. We had lovely weather again, truly spring like which is wonderful after this long winter. Church was wonderful. Dinner was scrumptious (steaks on the grill). We all - all six of us! - took a nap. We relaxed, it was wonderful, like I've said often.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen, I noticed a mini van moving very very very slowly by our house. It was odd enough that when my husband came in from throwing wood in our outdoor wood stove (we use it year round to heat our home and our water), I mentioned it to him too.

"Yah," he agreed with me, "I thought that was odd too."

Mere moments later, Josie, our dog, began barking meanly and ferociously. It was all I could do to call her in. "Hon!" I called my husband from the paper he was reading "someone is stopped in front of our house. I don't know what it's all about!"

Since we have had a few drivers last year go off into the ditch about that same spot, he hurriedly put his boots back on and his coat and ran outside to help. I went back to cleaning, until I noticed how slow the cars were going.....and how bright the outdoors was now.

There were about five pick up trucks, nine vehicles with sirens, one fire rescue ambulances, two firetrucks (an engine and a tanker) all sitting in our driveway, our neighbors driveway, the road......

I started looking around to figure out which neighbors house was on fire.

But they all left quickly, much to the boys disappointment. All four boys were plastered to the windows and the dog was barking and growling.

My husband came in chuckling. Apparently, the mini van (we must assume) called the fire department about the smoke from our wood burner, thinking our house was on fire.

I kid you not.

Now, why the driver didn't stop in to see if we were okay, why they drove by a house with every single light on (because if we are home, it never fails that all the lights are on) but thought they should still call the fire department, I have no idea.

However, it seems this is what we get for trying to spend a nice Sunday evening at home together - even when this family is minding their own business, relaxing, excitement seems to find us.


Praise and Coffee said...

Sounds like your day was just going way to smooth...something had to happen! :)

Kim said...

Hysterical! I did feel bad for the boys, such excitement and then it's gone!