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Friday, February 27, 2009

The World's Gone Crazy

Last night, one of the local area icons died of a heart attack. Now, I have never met this man but my husband and I have listened to him in the morning for all our time together. He's been there through highschool and all the births of our kids and it feels as if we know him.

It drives the point home, you never know when it's going to be your time to leave earth and spend eternity in heaven or hell. Don't you think you ought to take a few moments to be sure you know where you are going...beyond a shadow of a doubt?

Our hearts are very sad over this 'celebrity death'. It's amazing the impact one man had on our lives whom we have never met. It makes you stop to wonder what sort of impact you are having on those around you.

He wrote this on his blog just on Monday...........

"The purpose of life is to matter, to be productive, to have it make a
difference that you lived at all -- using the talents that God has given you for the betterment of others."(Leo Rosten)

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