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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chickens and Tomatoes

Today, our youngest asked me to make up a new song with him. He wanted it to say something about chickens and tomatoes.

I imagine he was was trying to make me laugh so he could make up for this morning. He and his brother rolled a two gallon sized jar down the uncarpeted steps to get it downstairs into the carpeted living room faster. It broke - imagine that - in a million trillion little glass shards. I was hollering at them to stay upstairs while I cleaned it up and he was at the top of the stairs crying down to me "it my fault, Moma. It my fault." To which is older brother was pointing at him and saying "It was his fault, Moma, it was his fault, not mine!"

So, my youngest and I made up a new song that he will be singing outdoors today - because that is where the boys are headed on this first 60ish degree day in many months.

"Here on our farm we grow tomatoes and chickens and boys covered in mud!" The boys are marching around the house in cowboy boots and underpants (because I haven't gotten around to getting them dressed yet so they can go outside) singing "Here on our farm we grow tomatoes and chickens and boys covered in mud."

Just a glimpse into our daily life for ya'll! :)

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