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Saturday, October 24, 2009

All Alone

I am alone here on our little farm. I am still surrounded by the boys, still making coffee for Hubby and me, still cooking the big dinners, still listening to Mr. Goose and Miss Goosey playing with the rotting pumpkins outside but I am all alone here on our little farm.

My mom is on vacation.

We have a favorite aunt. To all my relatives who read this, well, you should have been able to tell by now that Auntie is our favorite. We love Auntie so much! All my life she has traveled with Air Force Uncle and this time she is in Virginia, and her oldest is getting married. Mom and my sister, DP, and Baby Backup headed down for the wedding and support for before, during and after the wedding.

I am a grown woman, I am happily married, I have all these boys who call me Moma but my Mom packs up to leave for ten days and suddenly I feel all alone.

I was okay with her leaving. Truly, I was. She and I had our crack berry’s (um, blackberries) and I knew she would be emailing me pics of where they were and what they were up to. I was just fine with them going, there wasn’t anything pressing for them here and I was happy they could go. I had tried to rack my brain for a way to go but there is no one who has a vehicle large enough for three extra boys to tag along to school and not to mention all the work there with them even if I took S4 with me. There was just now way.

And I was fine with that.

Until I was accidentally called.

Mom has a habit of accidentally calling me. She will not mean too, her phone just figures it had better call me. And so she did today. I answered it and heard them chatting in the back ground. I could here Auntie calling my mom “Sister!” just the way only she can. I could here DP singing some terrible awful song in some hideous opera tone of voice. I could hear my mom talking about some outfit and a fan. I just kept saying “hello?” over and over again. Backup must have heard me because she would giggle with glee and she sounded very close to the phone.

I hung up and would pick the phone up again and I could still hear them. They must have all been in the same room because I could hear their chatting even if I couldn’t make out the whole conversation.

This went on for a few minutes. I couldn’t figure out how to disconnect the call, and really, I didn’t want to.

It was then I realized how far away they were and all I was missing.

GM, Jr’s Moma, my sister in law, called to tell me she was on her way to pick up Jr and it was her call that disconnected the call with my mom.

So what did I do? I called my mom.

“Hi, Hon!” she answered cheerily. I knew she had had the phone near her because she got it on the second ring.

“Any chance Backup had the phone?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, why?”

“Well…..” I took a deep breath and rattled off, “I hope Auntie finds a fan for your room but glad to hear you have a nice breeze with the windows. DP should not be watching whatever TV show is on because her singing stinks. If Auntie is trying on a new outfit, I need pictures. Backup must be having fun or else she thinks I’m great because she keeps laughing at my hellos.”

By the time I finished my spleal, she and I were laughing so hard I could hardly breathe and I am sure there were tears in her eyes too.

And that is when I really missed them.

Family, I am so thankful for mine.

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Anonymous said...

I am very happy for your family too. :)