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Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Frost

We had our first really truly hard frost last night. I was awakened by S3 whispering in a giggle way, "Moma, come look! The whole outside it white out!"

I realized I was going to need more heat today cranked in the house.
We stumbled out of the bedroom and I looked out and sure enough, all the flowers were dead and black and curled looking. Sigh, winter is very close at our door. But if I looked it thru my son's eyes, it was white and magical everywhere. Green grass looked like white ice cycles. The fancy grass bush I have was covered in white and looked transformed. The entire yard looked like a new place.

It was pretty.

I always liked, as a kid, the story of Jack Frost who would come and breath his cold breath to make things freeze so kids could wake and scratch designs into the windows. Something friendly about that elf. Of course, we were raised not to believe in elves or Santa Claus, but the story is sweet just the same to me.

S4 woke up the same way as he always does. Loudly. While S2 and I were busy making hot cocoa for everyone, S4 looks out the window and exclaims "WHAT? WHAT IS THIS?" He runs to every window. Then he struts authoritatively into the kitchen and declares "Moma, tell me we are going to get a Christmas tree today."

"No, we are not."

"How about tomorrow?"

"How about after Thanksgiving?"
"Is today Thanksgiving?"

"No, about six weeks."

"Six DAYS, okay!"
Sheesh, it's gonna be a long six days for him.

This is the tree S4 wanted to get last year but we wouldn't let him. He wasn't happy about that.


The Farmer's Wife said...

I love frosts! I can't believe you just had your first.

I don't see why in the world you couldn't have taken that dear little tree home with you for Christmas....wouldn't it tuck in somewhere? Festooned with those shotgun shell lights and Tonka trucks on strings...that would be so fun!

Drats. Now I have to start thinking about Christmas gifts; a project I always neglect until December 12...

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up that he was so excited since I know from my time in MI that snaow is not so uncommon...But gotta love the way children never grow tired of God's little surprises. If only I could be so optimistic about the changing of seasons, the little things in life. Ya know? Instead I am distracted from God's beautiful view by the growing laundry and piling dishes. ;)

Rebecca Gates