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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moma Lost It, the to be continued part

Well, S1 did his very best to shoot a deer. The day wasn’t totally awful on the boys. Their Daddy took the two older boys into town today to buy bullets and arrows, really, how much better can it be? S2 came home with a football, he was gleeful.

As dinner approached, there were many tears. S3 ran to the basement to get the noodles and the sauce and offered to help any way he could just for a bit of spaghetti.

It was pitiful.

There were tears. There was begging. I had shadows following me as I made dinner. Hubby started to feel bad for them. I was pouring on the sweetness to my hubby, set our plates at the table and no one else’s. S3 and S4 climbed the counter to reach the plates for themselves.

Husband prayed, and all thru the prayer there were sniffles and quiet sobs. I cheerily piled his plate high and got mine, very aware of three sets of eyes on my every move.

We caved. Hubby gave the boys a stern “what did you learn” talk and then we loaded their plates high with food. It was the quietest dinner we have had in a long time. They were so busy eating that they didn’t speak.

When we finished dinner, S1 came in from hunting. He hadn’t even seen a thing. Good thing they weren’t waiting for him to bring home dinner!
I’m not sure what good it will do in the long run. But for the time being, at least for the night, any thing I have asked them to do they have jumped to do. I think they are hoping for brownie ice cream dessert tonight while they watch the Red Wings. And I felt so sorry watching S4’s sad eyes follow me around telling me all the funny things his tummy was saying about being hungry that I will be dishing out the brownies and ice cream.

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The Farmer's Wife said...

I had a "For Better or Worse" cartoon on my fridge for the longest time that said,"Tough's tough on EVERYBODY."

What would you have done if S1 HAD accidentally shot something, like a squirrel?