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Sunday, October 25, 2009

When Moma Is Down......

I am sick today.

Not miserable, just under the weather sick. Just enough to hang out in yoga pants (I don't do yoga, not like I have anything against it, just don't know how and don't know if I ever will but the pants are sure comfy), my farm girl tshirt and my favorite long like a blankie sweater.

I have drinken numerous cups of coffee and hot cocoa today.

It is funny to see how this plays out on the family. I laid in bed with my awful headache this morning and hubby offered to get me some Motrin. Except he didn't know where it was.

He did, however, go get the funnies out of the Sunday paper for me. Very sweet indeed.

S2 had worn his clothes all day long, slept in them and was going to wear them to church. I told him he needed to change. When he arrived home, I seen what he was wearing. Camo pants, camo PLAY pants, on backwards. All I can figure is he pulled them on without checking because there was no way he would have done the zipper and button backwards. And a striped fall sweater, his favorite sweater. I'd take a photo but it would embarrass him. I would show you another picture of just his sweater so you can picture in your head how hideous this looks with camo pants but all my pictures were lost when my computer crashed and burned.

S3 and S4 stayed home with me. They cuddled up in bed with me and was sure I wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I took a bath instead. A bubble bath. It was wonderful. I drank a cup of hot coffee in my tub and no one bothered me because they were watching Mickey the Mouse.

When the older three boys arrived home (hubby, a very grown up looking S1 and an eccentric S2), Hubby was starving. I had made them up goulash so their day was saved from starvation.

And I never had to tell the boys to set the table. I laid on the couch all cuddled up and they set my plate, two napkins in case I lost one, all the silverware and a cup with ice. And I didn't even eat dinner. Apparently the lesson was learned yesterday.

In other news, S1 moved his hunting spot. Even Hubby is excited at the outlook of this one. If he gets a deer, yes, I will be posting with pictures.

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