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Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Writer's Desk

Today I arrived home from a writer’s retreat. It was called Breathe and it was truly wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure I will be writing more on it later….explaining to you all the things I learned and how to read good directions (I promise you, this is a truly hilarious story).

At the very end of the retreat all the teachers get together to answer questions, any question at all, for us. One of the questions asked was “where do you write?” and the panel began to answer with descriptions of white carpeted sanctuary’s that are built for seclusion and retreat.
This is what my desk looks like. Even I recognize it as awful enough to have a photo taken of it. As long as I can see what I am looking at on the screen and can reach all the keys on the keyboard, I am able to type away cheerily. I type amid Sesame Street, hockey games (although I usually try to see those), while my boys are racing Tonka trucks thru the house, while customers for our farm our knocking on the front door (which this desk can’t get any closer to the door). I was sure I was some weirdo in the group as they began.

Until one writer, who has written numerous articles and books, mentioned she worked for years in her basement, complete with spiders. Another mentioned that her office was a spot carved out for her in her noisy house and that she does have pretty things in her office, but they are completely covered in dust and everything she works on is in there….somewhere. It was fun to hear all the descriptions of how people write. Some write in complete isolation, some write in a noisy coffee shop, some write going down the road!

No one mentioned writing while baby sitting S3’s baby chickie, but I guess that is what makes me unique.

I write this blog for you because I love to write. If no one read it, I would still write it. However, having you all read it sure makes it fun. My top priority right now is my family….and hey, without them I am just another girl typing away. God surrounded me with inspiration in ways that make me want to scream sometimes…but man, God really knew what he was doing.

And why should that surprise me?

Stay tuned, I have much more to say about these boys. Just this weekend while I was gone much happened! Thanks for stopping by today…..


Anonymous said...

That was a fun post!! I wish I could go to these writing events with you. I feel like you should have a picture of you with your spronbon in front of your desk posted on your blog...and even on your Christmas card this year. That would be SO fun. I love your desk just the way it is, the way I remember it from my last visit. :)
Rebecca g

The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, what a relief! (Our desks are sisters.) And I'm glad you enjoyed your time at the conference. I'd like to see a picture of the house when you returned...

Denise said...

R, you mean my APRON, right? My pink one is about done for but I have a yellow one and you know, that's not a bad idea! :)

Farmer's Wife, I think more and more we may have been seperated at birth...