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Sunday, November 8, 2009


All our boys get their hair cut by my hubby. It didn't start out that way. I would wait till the boys were about one and take them down for a hair cut. So cute. The only one this didn't work with was S3 because he was born needing a hair cut. Seriously. My Dad called him the Amish boy because I cut his hair and it looked 'bowlish'. I'd show you a picture but I have none to share. Anyhow, Hubby despises this idea of boys getting hair cuts. He has not had his hair cut since, well, since he bought a hair cutting kit the year we were married and decided that giving himself a buzz cut couldn't be too difficult.

I have traded hair cuts for asparagus, sweet corn and the such. But once our boys turned two, he would put his foot down and that would be the end of it. He would wait until he had the boys alone and I was to the store or taking a shower or something and he would buzz cut the boys hair and say “there, now they are big boys and not moma boys.”

And after that day, no boy is allowed to see Darcy, my hair stylist.

S1 has a cowlick that is so pronounced he will sport his own style for the rest of his life. S2 has curly hair, when it gets long it has soft wavy curls. S3 has the best high lights, every woman envies them, and he also has the longest, fullest lashes. Just not fair. And S4, well, how do you say this nicely? He was born with a large head...seriously. We had to bring him in regularly for head check ups...he was just fine and dandy. But, well, I have to say of all the boys who get buzz cuts, I like them on him the least.
It doesn't matter. Until they pay for their hair cuts on their own, they will be sporting buzz cuts.
They get the buzz, then their hair grows out long and hubby calls them hippies and cuts it short again.

Tonight, for no particular reason, Hubby cut the boys hair. Here are photos for you......

(oh, here is where I say...S4 is colored with marker because....he is S4. I awoke to see his colored face in my face. "Look!" S3 exclaimed, "I drawed glasses on him!" Later, S4 decided he needed more and colored his entire face. Entirely. His arms and tummy did all come off in the shower, with MUCH scrubbing....)
On accident, he cut S4's hair with the super short blade. Of course it would be S4. Hubby says it's an accident, I am pretty sure I believe him.

I asked all the boys to line up for a picture. Since it was such a nice day today, totally unexpected nice out, they played hard all day long. It was just eight at night when I snapped this photo and had to wake S3 up to do it. His look is pitiful. The things I do for you all to have something to read on this blog!

P.S. the next morning S4 woke up, rubbed his head and said "why Daddy cut my hair off?"

"So you look handsome," I answered him.

"I not want to be handsome. I just want my hair," he bemoaned.

Now, just what do you say to that?

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Okay, just so you know and have some degree of comfort...
My son has marker all over, too, because I made the mistake of drawing his pirate moustache on with a Crayola marker, effectively giving him permission to do it, too.

AND, we cut all hair at home, except mine. (I trim my own bangs, though...don't tell Lilly.) And my husband and son's haircuts look IDENTICAL to yours! They really, really need a haircut this week, but I can't get either of them to sit still long enough. They'll just have to suffer, I guess...

I love the picture of the four boys! Just a row of blessings, right there.