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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Make-up Less Days Make for Unforgettable Days

This morning I was awakened by GM whispering my name. Which meant I had overslept, meaning my sister in law was calling my name to get up to watch Jr.

That's when I heard my alarm going off on my cell phone in the other room. The one next to my head had never gone off.

So not a fun way to begin the morning feeling all confused over the time and all that. To add to the confusion, the boys hadn't taken showers or baths when we got home from WOL last night and by the time I had fed Jr his bottle, fed him some oatmeal, made the boys lunches, made Hubby's lunch and began to wake up....well, by then it was debatable whether or not I could even make the shower and still get to school in time. It was worth the risk.

The boys decided to build roads with blocks again, then they decided to go out IN THE RAIN (sprinkling though it may be) to play. The whole time Jr cried. S3 lost his shoes and is currently wearing rain boots to school today because by the time I got out of the shower, I had just enough time to get dressed and get Jr dressed and get out of the door. My hair was wet and in a out-of-my-face pulled back bun, my face was makeup less, my eye lashes had no mascara to make me look more awake than I felt.

It was not a pretty or graceful arrival to school this morning.

The rest of the morning I spent feeling in that odd “woke up late” state one is in when they wake up late and when GM came to get Jr, all I could think of was the coffee the Farmer's Wife had mentioned on her blog today and I needed coffee and coffee is on half price sale at the store so I looked at the clock and figured the only people I should run into at the store should just be the people who work there. It wasn't even close to the school rush time so S4 and I took off.
And you know it, I met up with someone I hadn't seen in nearly a year. And me looking my best.

I figured that the coffee I was getting was worth it though....

Then I went to check out. Somehow or another we (2 check out girls and the bagger boy) got chatting about cartoons. S4 had crawled through the window of the vehicle cart like in the Dukes of Hazard which got us talking about things like “Muppet babies” and “teenage mutant ninja turtles”. We were all laughing and I was feeling old and thinking “why can't I have fun conversations like this when I look like a productive citizen instead of being half asleep and rumpled looking?” Yet still I was thankful for a good laugh. I had six cans of coffee, Hubby and I go through a can or more a week. Impressive, I know. The check out lady there (well, both of them) know me well and I wanted to know if I came back could I get the turkey they had on special since it just said 'one turkey per customer'. “Oh sure” they said, “no problem!”
“Good,” I replied, “I'll come back tomorrow for more coffee and another turkey.”

And that led into how much coffee we drink...which left them in shock. I explained how we make two pots every morning and they were still in shock. I explained how we made a pot every night and on the weekend we make it in the afternoon too. They were even more in shock.
When I turned to leave so the very patient next customer could check out, I thought the girl behind me looked vaguely familiar. Like, I should know her but wasn't quite sure.......
She's friends with Hubby on face book. They have been friends for years.

And I would, of course, run into her when I have no make up, my hair pulled back in a bun and confessing my complete dependance on coffee.

However, this girl loves my blog and told me so. So this blog is for her. Thanks for reminding me about the Go Fish story too. After you commented on that blog, that week S4 found the cards again and we have played it every day since. Just before we left for the store, S4 and I were playing cars on the wood race track that made us late for school this morning even though he choose a Grandma driver for me. It was you reminding me of that blog I had forgotten that has gotten me reading books and pushing cars and playing cards and I am forever thankful to you for that.

Hope you can forgive my makeup, disheveled, uncaffeinated self......

Making Farmer's Wife Coffee now......

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