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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Blog-Worthy Morning, Part 3, The Climatic Finish

With the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom TV broadcasting the news, we were still waiting to see if the bread would be mentioned on the news.

And I was thinking, “does this make me prideful to want to hear my home made bread mentioned on the news?”

But we were too busy to think on it.

Why were we busy? Because we woke up late? Oh no, we were right on time this morning (rare, let me tell you, rare moment here!). However, because it was so early still, the boys decided to build a race track out of S4's wooden blocks and were racing matchbox cars. I was in the bathroom getting ready, blow drying my hair so I don't catch a cold going out with wet hair and because it is very bright out when we get to school in the morning and I just feel sorry for all the people who have to see me on too- tired- to -wear -make -up -or -open- my -eyes -all -the -way -yet mornings.

I told the boys to be sure they were dressed. To be sure that they had dug out their socks to wear out of the basket (gotta get those folded). To brush their teeth, pack the back packs, get their know, morning stuff. And I would see them hustle when I called, but then when it was time to go, S4 wasn't dressed, S3 had no socks or get the idea. The wooden race track, that was superbly built and the cars lined nicely and wins being discussed seriously.
We were now late.

So, we hustle hustle hustle and get in the suburban and S4 is screaming he has no coat and I take a count to make sure we are all there and run back for the coat and to see if my bread made the news yet and rush out of the house.

Not wanting them to arrive to school thinking their morning went badly, I put in Buck Howdy's Christmas CD for the first time. There were cheers. We arrived to school in time. We had smiles.
I looked to S3, adorable S3 with his hugs and yarn bracelet and who loves my home made bread toast, to see he had no back pack. I could live with the fact that he had put on his play coat, just as long as he had his back pack. And glasses. But he didn't have either. Not a back pack, not a lunch, not his glasses.....

Happy morning gone.

I give the boys ONE “I will bring it to school for you” trip each school year. I knew this was going to be his. S3 was hanging his head and crying, shoulders shaking, snot being wiped away with his coat sleeve as he thought how awful his school day would be.

So, I dropped the boys off at school. I drove home. I packed S3's back pack, I grabbed his glasses, I decided to get squash for one of the teachers, I drove to school, I dropped off the squash, I waved to S2 in his class, I delivered the glasses to S3's face and his back pack to his locker, I drove home, I walked in the door to catch the last five minutes of the news.
I have no idea if the bread was ever mentioned.

I am now going to make another pot of coffee and make some toast. With butter.

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