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Monday, November 16, 2009

S3's Lost Tooth

When S3 began his school year, he became rather obsessed with his teeth.

As in loosing some.

It did not matter that he is one of the younger kids in his kindergarten class. Oh no, he just wanted a loose tooth.

A missing tooth would be even better.

I think he secretly hoped one of his brothers would knock in out of his head and save him some time.

So it was with great joy he got his first loose tooth. I do not recall any of the first two boys being more excited than him.

Now, husband, he just can't stand loose teeth. He feels the boys may accidentally swallow them in their sleep (I have never heard of such a thing). He has an obsession with teeth, really. He always is commenting on people's teeth (those of you who know him, well, think of that next time you smile your pearly whites at him!) and I am ever so thankful God blessed with me with nice straight teeth because I'm not sure my husband would have married me without them.


Husband tried to wiggle the tooth for S3 for him. S3 would shriek and giggle and then cry he would be so overwrought with emotion for moment. Husband offered to get out the pliers and pry it out of his mouth, S3 refused to even say no, he just kept his mouth closed tightly for that one. S1 offered to tie the tooth with a string to his arrow and shoot the arrow but S3 didn't think that was a good idea too.

S3 spent a lot of time with his Moma who just would say “Boys, the tooth will come out when it is good and ready to come out.” S3 also spent a lot of time telling his Moma what he could and could not have in his lunch because of his was pretty much just cupcakes, bread, cookies, pudding, maybe some tootsie rolls....

On Wednesday nights, RC and a few others teach a class at our church for 4 and 5 year olds called Gopher Buddies, part of the Word of Life program. S4 was helping me, as he always does, put out the snacks and cups of water for all our Gopher friends in the main room when from the gathering room we heard a loud cheer and clapping.

Last I knew they were just singing a song.

S3 comes bursting out of the room to me holding the tooth triumphantly in the air. RC went all out with her congratulations for S3. RC has true talent with kids, some people have that gift and she has it abundantly, and it made S3's entire evening just spectacularly special.

When it came time for snack, S3 could eat with ease because he had been favoring that tooth for so long. And it was his Moma's chocolate chip cookies we had so he was even more happy. I ran S3 down to the dodge ball game so he could show his Daddy, who I don't think heads up that game so much as he makes gets as many kids out as he can. S3 took a few balls on the back but his one less tooth smile never even dimmed.

We still have the tooth in a bag, blood and all, to be shown to everyone...the kindergarten class, the Gopher class, anyone who wants to stop over. The tooth has been so busy on tour that the tooth fairy hasn't even had a chance to take it away! But isn't his grin worth it?

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The Farmer's Wife said...

I am laughing so hard at the Tooth (really, it should start with a capital's pretty important) on tour!

Maggie, MY kindergartner, has missing tooth envy. She's the youngest in her class, by about 6 months, and kids are losing teeth left and right. Except her.

I remember my dad wanting to yank all our teeth out, too. Something about a tooth, dangling, and kids fiddling with their tongue....drove him crazy. As I recall, my brother DID swallow a couple, but no big deal. He swallowed lots of things he wasn't supposed to. Didn't kill him, and perhaps contributed to his 6 feet, 1 inch height. (He boxes, now, too, so obviously missing teeth don't bother HIM.)