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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Farmer's Wife

Today is my dear friends birthday and since I cannot bring her over coffee, because I can not bake her a peanut butter chocolate cake, because her gift may be slightly more than a little late...

Because it's my blog.....

I get to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FARMER'S WIFE (my dear dear dear friend).

I'm not sure when I started following her blog, but I do know I'd didn't even mark that I did because I didn't know if she might be crazy (which she is, in a good way). Then I read a post that was talking about how she checks to see where her readers are from and got all freaked out and decided if she was going to know I was reading it I might as well say hello.

I'm not sure when we started emailing, but every bit of "don't share personal information with strangers" warning lights were going off in my head. But I'm glad we chatted away anyhow...because her family is such an integral part of our family and we have never even met yet.

We find times to chat on the phone. We fire emails back and forth. We have sent mini novels back and forth. We can get long conversations going on facebook.

I'm not sure how boring my life was before my dear friend and her family, but I sure know our lives would be empty without them.

One day, Farmer's Wife, I hope we celebrate our birthdays together. But until then, know you are very very very very loved by every one of us. Thank you for your friendship.

And for the good coffee.

Here is the blog post I recall reading and realizing we were dear friends, perhaps sisters separated, kindred spirits.....

The Ten Commandments of Coffee (according to me...)

Here is the post that makes me giggle right now because my house is being bombarded with flies this week and I keep thinking of this one....

A Deep Meaningful Post for Your Contemplation

But all her posts are wonderful. Her Husband is the best and the boys may possibly think of him in Hero Status. And her kids, oh my. Oh my, oh my. I get to experience the fun of having a daughter through her posts and her pictures...the boy, I understand boys.

Check out her blog because You. Will. Love. Her. Tell her Happy Birthday, make her day grand.

Love you, my dear friend....

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