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Monday, September 20, 2010

We Were Broken Into...Sorta Kinda But Not Really

Last night, our house was broken into.


Well, sorta.

Kinda sorta but not bad.

We were sound asleep and never knew it happened.

Here's what we know so far......

Husband tossed the dogs out of the house last night because he thought that it's good for them to get tough and live like real dogs. Outside.

And I couldn't beg on their behalf (as I normally would do) because it was waaaaaaay past my bedtime (of nine pm). I had watched Ice Road Truckers (go Lisa! Hooray that Alex didn't get in trouble...he may have to bake that inspector a cake after all!) all cuddled on the couch with my Hubby. I, people, was blissfully asleep as soon as Swamp People showed up on the screen.

At some point in the night, Josie (our Aussie) decided she had had enough of this outdoor sleeping thing and decided to bark at the kitchen door to let us know. So she would BARK, wait for us a moment, BARK, wait again, BARK, hey, wake up, BARK BARK, wait for it, BARK. I was vaguely aware of this but not enough to even flutter open my eyes. But my husband did and got up and found....

Sadie on the couch.

Now Sadie must, I repeat and stress and repeat again, MUST sleep in her kennel every single night and she must, and I repeat and stress and repeat again, MUST stay in her kennel whenever we leave the house. Period. We would have no shoes left if she did not...not to mention anything left in our house that didn't get shredded or eaten.

He couldn't figure out how she had gotten in and Josie had not.

So he let the annoying Josie in and stumbled into the bathroom where he noticed the window.

The window looked odd.

After thinking through possible scenarios, here is what we have best pieced together (I didn't read every Nancy Drew book I came upon to not solve this mystery).

At some point in the night, Sadie decided a kennel is more wonderful than the open air night. Since her jumping the height of our doors was not getting her any attention and somehow she could not open the kitchen door like she has been, she noticed the bathroom window.

Husband had been charging a garden tractor battery and since we have no outdoor outlets he had plugged the battery charger into the bathroom electric plug and propped the window up (that does not stay up on it's own) with charger. However, he forgot about all this when he went to bed.

Because Sadie sort of looks like a walking skeleton even though she is one now...and I assure you all, she eats very very very well, she just can't stop running and chasing and jumping and running and chasing and jumping and then running some more, she figured she could get in that window.

And she did.

But we aren't sure exactly how she pulled it off without trapping her bony long lanky body in the window because while the blinds are totally torn to shreds and the window is now slammed shut, the battery charger that had the window propped open is lying on the deck below.

Once Sadie girl finagled and wrestled her way into the house, she needed some pampering.

So she curled up on the couch and went blissfully asleep.

Until Josie realized she was still outside and Sadie was inside and had to bark and ruin everything for Sadie.

I don't think Hubby is leaving Sadie outside for the night again.


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...


Wahzat Gayle said...

you are incredibly funny. Sadie must have chewed out Josie when they got together LOL
I would love to say where I clicked on your link from but I can't remember but HELLO for me
Going to comment on your walnut post now LOL

Amy said...

That's hilarious. I can't believe how resourceful she is.