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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Phone Man's Memorable Stop of the Day

So I am typing this furiously fast so that you can read it because don't you all just WAIT for a new post from me ALL day long????? I'm kidding.


I am canning tomatoes and salsa today. I am sick of the smell of tomatoes and it's only my third day canning. I will now never paint my kitchen which S4 sings "Never Say Never Whatever You Do" so now that annoying song is stuck in your head too.

I am in my oldest jeans. I have on my hubby's t-shirt that I sleep in. I did not shower this morning because I want to mop my floors today so I am waiting for the tomatoes to be done so I can mop the floors so I can shower (see, I have a plan to the look of not planning). I have on my oldest, most stained apron. It used to be yellow. It is now sorta kinda yellow and lots of many other colors....none of them attractive. I am, of course, bare foot.

The house smells of cooked tomatoes and salsa.

And this is when the wonderful phone company decided to come check our lines. Seriously, they are wonderful. They hooked us up with high speed (and our world changed) and they are a wonderful local company I cannot talk highly enough of. But they had to come check out our line because it was giving us fits and so the man who called (and I didn't answer because if you aren't my husband, I don't answer the phone in the middle of stirring and cutting and filling while canning) arrived at our door.

Sadie jumped up on the door and barked like the ferocious German Shepherd she looks to be...although she's not. Josie, our Australian Shepherd was barking so meanly that the man was HIDING behind his truck. Two dressed boys, one shirtless but jean pant clad boy missing two upper teeth and one bottom tooth, and a chocolate smeared faced boy ran to the door. They hauled the dogs off. Before the man could make it to the door, he had to stop to see the ribbon snake, the tadpoles and the two bull frogs and admire that "yes, this is a great looking habitat".

He finally arrived at the door where I hollered from the kitchen sink "oh, just come on in! Holler if you need anything!"

Seriously, could we be more country? I think not. Will he remember his stop here? Most definitely.

Welcome to our daily life.


Karen said...

Awesome! It really sounds so much like my house.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Sounds perfect to me :)

I'm usually the one running behind the dogs screaming, "SHUT UP!!!" because I can. not. stand. crazy barking dogs.

Amy said...

I can just seem him hiding behind the truck.

I hate to admit it, but I'm italian and when I answer the door without a bra on, I am MORTIFIED. :(

At least you didn't do that. :)