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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ramblings as Summer Comes to an End

I am apologizing now for any therapeutic blog posts i may, in fact, post this week. This is our last week of summer vacation.




I imagine you know this about me already, but in case you are new to reading this blog, I like my kids home. I enjoy watching them play. Oh, sure, they make me pull my hair out and I loose my patience with them but as a whole, I'd rather have them home than anywhere else.

Because I enjoy them.

Because I love them.

And because all through the summer I know everything about them, I get to see their personalities explode outdoors as they play, and then they go to school and I won't know them again until June.

This is rough week for me....because I go between getting teary eyed and emotional to being all "we must live every moment to the fullest!" to thinking I should start them on a schedule of proper sleep.

I'm a basket case this week. I just wanted to forewarn you. Next week I'll be sobbing. Seriously.

But then you will get normal blog posts from me again.

I just felt you should be warned.

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