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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting out the Storm

Today I have informed the boys that all the "deer blinds" they have made all over the living room must be cleaned up. For all this week, they have hauled down all their comforters and pillows and favorite stuffed animals and made themselves "deer blinds" (or tents) to sleep in. I know it is cooler downstairs than it is upstairs in our ninety degree heat with high humidity, but sleeping in an enclosed winter warm blanket that no fan can penetrate seems to defeat the purpose of the cooler living room versus the steamy upstairs bedrooms.

But it's made them happy.

However, right now I have informed them they must pick this stuff up. We are about to get a huge storm to roll through our little farm here and so it's a great time for them to clean it up.

And please keep in mind, I am fighting an awful cold. My head is stuffy and hurts. And wrong though I know it is, I am short tempered with them today. When I told them to clean, I expected it to be done. That moment.

So, with all that background into this moment, I want to share with you this.....

The sky is dark. Very dark. It went from sunshine to gloomy night light in moments. The dogs are barking at every roll of thunder, not sure where the attack is coming from but knowing it is. The wind is picking up.

It sorta matches my mood for this morning that I wish I could shake.

The two youngest boys are wrestling, screaming, crying and tattling. S1 is in the bathroom suddenly enthralled in the a boar hunting magazine.

And S2 is outside on the porch. In my favorite rocking chair. He is sitting there, rocking away, tucked away in a corner that you must be sitting at the desk to even see him at, watching the storm roll in.

He is quiet. Silent. Studying the way the clouds are moving. Calculating in his eight year old mind how the rain and wind will effect the crops.

And I love this image so much, I just let him be.

Just thought I would share that with you.

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The Farmer's Wife said...

What a beautiful picture of S2! Those moments are ones you tuck away in your heart, aren't they?

I'm so sorry you have a cold...STILL. That's no good!

Loved this post.