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Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping Trip 2, The Tooth Fairy Visits

This post is for Kelli, who has waited so patiently for me to post something, anything...

Every time we go camping, I am amazed at how different every trip is. I mean, after all the camping we have done I should have figured it out but this trip, this trip was much different.

It was relaxing.

Totally relaxing.

It was eventless, no shower incidents, nothing.

Sue mentioned that this is so unusual for me and she is sure that I must have enjoyed myself. Which I did, immensly.

It wasn't till a few days later when I looked at the pictures I uploaded on the computer that I realized I had a few things to share with you all......

So here is the first of a few moments.

When we packed to leave that full of anticipation day, S3 mentioned to me that he had a loose tooth. Now, I knew he hadn't had a loose tooth so I just let it slide...told him to leave it alone and grab this that or the other thing to put in the camper.

But he didn't leave the tooth alone.

That night, as we were all zoned looking into the campfire, exhausted by the amount of energy it takes to haul us all out there, S3 yanked the tooth out of his head.


It had not been loose yesterday and now it was out of his head. He stood at the step of the camper where he had gone in for another kleenex for all the blood and held it triumphantly with a sheer gleeful smile...well, it was a smile covered in blood with a gaping hole in his teeth but a smile just the same.

He dropped the tooth.

A gasp was heard around the campfire pit.

His lip just began to quiver when S4 found it and all was good again. We put it in a sandwich baggy and tucked it into the top under ware drawer so it didn't get lost and since the tooth fairy was afraid the raccoons may find her, she dropped off a dollar post haste.

A dollar which S3 immedantely found before he went to sleep and was simply amazed. However, that was when I learned that when a tooth is lost while camping, it deserves a GOLD dollar.

So the tooth was packed away again and by the next morning, yes, a gold dollar was there (this is one impressive tooth fairy, I'd have to say!).

And S3 admitted the missing tooth was a bit sore and maybe he should listen better to his Moma and not pull it out in one day.

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