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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camping Trip 2, The Fishing Side of It

One of the biggest reasons our camping trip was ever so relaxing and fun and a boys dream is because my brother came along.

I adore my brother.

He brought his fishing boat and took the boys out on the various lakes around the campground every morning and night. The boys caught fish and had fun...and...get this...their Uncle MADE them their fish for dinner.

This was unbelievable to them, since their Moma can't eat fish...or even stand the smell of them. I am fish incapable.

But here is yet another reason why my brother is so wonderful...he also cannot eat fish. So he cooked these up for the boys and everyone else and he made him and I pork chops instead.
One morning, as they were leaving to go fishing, I suddenly remembered they didn't have a camera so I hopped out of bed, ran for my sunflower golden bike, jumped on still in my pj's, no contacts - a truly rumpled me - and raced as fast as I could down the path to head them off so they could take my camera.

I missed them.

But then they forgot something so they swung back through and I handed them the camera. And I am glad I did, because I love this picture of S3......
S1 didn't actually catch this fish...but, the little itty bitty fish he DID catch is actually inside of this big fish and when we shot this picture a split second later the little fish hopped OUT OF THE FISH's MOUTH. I cannot make these things up.
S2 was sooooo excited to use a knife and learn how to clean the fish and use a knife. Did I mention he got to use a knife? S3 did not...and you can tell he wants to, badly.
I wish I had gone out on the boat, just to see what is out there on those lakes. But I can't handle the fish part of it well, so I missed out. But the boys, they had more fun than I think I even realize. And they ate lots and lots of fish.

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