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Monday, September 27, 2010

Moma Fail

I haven't had Internet for a few days and Sue and I are frantically working to bring you a huge exciting magazine that is lovely and would be wonderful if a certain someone (me) would finish her article.....

So I'm blogging instead.

It makes sense.

Today I did not wake up when my hubby did. Somehow I slept through all the alarms and him kissing me goodbye and when he did he mentioned that the bread we had just bought had gone moldy.

And I heard that and fell asleep.

And them my boys got up and made sandwiches (because they like to, I want to stress this) and they used the moldy bread. They didn't realize this until they got to school and were eating lunch and then they brought it to the lunch lady who quickly snatched it away from them and made a new sandwich for them.

Moma fail.

I'll be sending a thank you note and I am sure they'll be investigating their lunch for awhile.

So they came home and tell me this and I am mortified and then we head out to the library (more on the desperate library run next time) and came home to make dinner and all those boys were fighting and crying and pushing and yelling....they were told to clean the yard because it looks like a junk yard of their stuff and they decided to throw walnuts and huge mushrooms they found in the woods at each other instead.

The stuff I asked them to pick up, you know their toys? Like the little play pool? They hung it in a tree. I'm not kidding! I told them it looked trashy in the yard so they HUNG IT IN A TREE! I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow for you all.

Then at dinner, we had the news on and "crossbow" was said and it was as though a radar went off over S1's head. He turned his head, high alert, to watch the news. This meant he craned his neck to an inhuman bend. At the same time, his brother at the other end of the table asked for the rice and S1 of course did not hear him. I hollered his name, he jumped knowing he was busted and tried to pass something on to S4 hoping it was correct. It was not. In his rush, he spilled his drink.

So they were told they were going to be early.

All of them.

S4 told me this was okay. Because at eight o clock the frogs come out. And there is a frog that lives in their bedroom window that they have to talk to every night. "I like frogs," he announced.

"Do you like flies?" my husband asked as he swatted the swarm that hovered over our food.

"No," he answered quickly, "I like frogs because they eat flies."

He's fast, that one.

So, to end with, I sent all the boys to bed super early tonight even if they did make me laugh a bit. And I don't feel the least bit guilty. Well, maybe a little.

But not too too bad because tomorrow I am working with Sue, we are cooking food and at night, at NIGHT we are meeting David Baldacci...whom I have never read before but I won the tickets off Twitter from Grand Rapids Magazine and Kent District Library. That, dear readers, is going to make a wonderful blog to read later this week. Now, I have an article to write and a 469 page book to read. Tonight. So I am not a dork about not knowing what he has written. Instead I'll just be that exhausted mom at a fancy country club......

(ps, sorry if you read this with all the misspellings, I was writing and talking to my husband at the same time. Another fail.)


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I'm not alone.
I'm not alone.
I'm not alone.

This makes me feel good. because we have night like that every. stinkin'.night.

Denise said...

And you read it with all my errors in it. That my husband found and then I had to fix. Sigh.......

I am glad I am not alone. But honestly, do you really have a bright blue kiddie pool hanging from your front yard tree?

Karen said...

I can't wait to see the pics of the kiddie pool in the tree!

And hey, that moldy bread was just your attempt at keepin' your boys healthy! Penicillin is grown from mold, right?