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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sisterchicks Stumble Upon our Farm Stand

Today, as I was sitting on my couch, with my eyes nearly closed, waiting for Jr to fall asleep against me and listening to S4 explain the deep importance of the different match box cars lined on his leg, the phone rang.

I jolted up to get it in hopes to not startle a very much not sleeping now Jr. I seen it wasn't my hubby so I headed back to the couch.

So there is my confession...I don't usually answer my phone. Unless you are my hubby. And there are only one of those out there...

But then the phone rang again. The same odd number I hadn't recognized from before. So I answered it.

There was much chattering on the other end.

"Hello?" I finally dared to ask when there seemed to be a lull.

"Oh, yes, um, hello. Is this Full Circle Farm?" an older woman asked.

"Yes, it is." Totally thinking this is a nut case already.

"I'm looking for your farm. Do you have your name on it?"

"No, we have an arrow board with a broken arrow on it. The sign says zucchini and squash on it."

"Oh, well, I am down at the post office here and I have talked with the post man and he doesn't know where you are. Someone in line said that it is the Dykstra farm? Are you the Dykstra's?"

"Yes. Bob should know us."

"Is Bob the bald man at the post office?"

"Yes, we know Bob. He knows us." I snickered, because really, Bob is that great. And I could hear the other woman asking Bob if he knew a Dykstra...

"Oh, well, my friend and I are going to head up to see you then. We were just out for a drive and wanted to visit you...I seen your farm on Sue Cramer's facebook. I know you from that."

Well, any friend of Sue's is a friend of mine so I gave her the super simple directions. And then got off the phone giggling to myself that this was going to be a memorable stand visit. Sadly, due to the bad growing year, we didn't have much of a display but I kept an eye out for her anyhow.

I watched out for her as my sister in law arrived. I watched for her as I set the table for the pineapple, ham and onion my sister in law spoiled me with today for lunch. I watched for her as we were finishing lunch and finally heard Josie bark.

And there they were.

I had to meet them. How could I not?

These sweet, older, totally stylish women had seen on Sue's face book wall that she had plugged a farm that had a facebook page (us). I'm not even sure if they knew Sue personally. They had driven a solid half hour for sure just to arrive on our road.

Where they missed our house.

And met the worlds greatest post office clerk.

And then got lost again. So then they stopped my wonderful sweet mail lady and got directions.

But then they realized they were out of gas so they had to find a gas station.

And then they stopped into the stand to buy half a box of tomatoes and some winter squash.

And chat, of course. And let me know that Bob DOES know me. But he does not know our farm name. I am guessing Bob at the Post Office knows our farm name now.

They would have bought everything of S2's though. They knew he was saving to reach $100 dollars in farm sales this summer and just couldn't wait to help him get there. But poor S2 didn't have anything out to sell this week. School does that to a farming boy.

The ladies explained that they just love to drive and they got lost a lot but then they just have the grandest of times. They can't wait to come back for pumpkins.

True sisterchicks, those two. They totally made my day. (And I bet Bob's too.)

And I am certain that one day, that'll be me too. (my husband is rolling his eyes, because he knows this is soooo true)

(this post is dedicated to The Farmer's Wife who want to meet Bob, and asks about him regularly)


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

That is SO sweet! It reminds me of where I grew up - Where everyone knew everyone...

Karen said...

When I first started reading your post, I thought they were just trying to find you to say 'hi'. And, I was, people you don't know who came across you via careful sweetie. But, then I realized by the end that they were actually coming to buy stuff at your roadside stand. Did I know you have a roadside stand? Anyway, I agree with Becca, I love small towns where everyone knows everyone. It's something that gets lost in today's society.

Kim said...

Sounds like the P.O. where I grew up. You never had to worry about a wrong address, because the mail lady knew where everyone lived and made sure letters got where they needed to go!

(I thought I was the only one who ignores her phone. If it's important, leave a message or call back!)