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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How I Met David Baldacci (part one)

On September 24th, I was cleaning the house and making food in the kitchen when I paused to check twitter.

Now, when I check twitter it means I have just scanned the first four or five tweets, maybe I might say something back, and then I move on.

But the tweet I read was this….

grmagazine CONTEST: Win 2 tix to Tues night’s @KDLNews “A Novel Experience w/David Baldacci”. Reply w/your fave author to enter!”

So, I got to wondering who my favorite author is. And I just couldn’t decide. The question drove me insane as I went about my day.

Who is my favorite author? Who is YOUR favorite author? I just didn’t know.

I retweeted their contest and went on to the kitchen.

But I thought about the books that had influenced me, really stuck with me, and I realized at this time, I haven’t read much lately…

I blame four boys and a farm but I tell my kids they can’t make excuses.

I finally sent this tweet back… “Barbra Kingsolver just cuz the book The Poisonwood Bible truly stuck with me. Pick a FAVORITE author, don’t think I can!”

And then I tweeted... “Who is YOUR favorite author?”

And only Becca answered, Diane Chamberlain.

I never gave it much more thought.

Over the weekend, my Internet went out, the home line went down and it was Monday afternoon before someone could come out and fix it. It was also later in the day when I realized I had a twitter light blinking on my blackberry.

It read “@grmagazine Congrats to @life4boys, winner of 2 tix for tomorrownight’s @KDLNews “A Novel Experience w/David Baldacci”

Um, who? How?

I received an email confirming it and the rapid fire back and forth of emails figuring out if I wanted to go and whom I would go with and how to get the tickets began.

Thank goodness for my blackberry.

There was only one person I would really want to go to this with, Sue Cramer. So I emailed her saying “hey, want to go meet this author?”

She replied with “I have soccer practice for Lauren.”

Now, honestly, I thought she could pass up a soccer practice because I was looking this David Baldacci guy up on the internet and he appeared to be rather well known and I was beginning to think this might be a not to miss opportunity. And that maybe I live under a rock, because I had never heard of this guy before. Ever.

The Farmer’s Wife nearly strangled me through her message on Facebook. “GO SEE HIM! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW DAVID BALDACCI! I AM SWOONING OVER HERE!” Well, the message was something like that.

I had won dinner at a Country Club and tickets to a speech to see David Baldacci.

When Sue realized I wasn’t joking, she called me…

“How did you win these?”

“We should know by now, Sue, strange things happen to me.”

And then she squealed she would go and I squealed hooray and we squealed girly squeals together because we were going out on the town! Together! Minus the children we so love!



Kelli said...

I want to say that I loved the Poisonwood Bible too. But that's not the right word. I couldn't put the book down and it really stuck with me as well.

Great book. I still think about it often... especially when I get impatient because my tap water isn't getting hot fast enough. Which is often. Congrats on the KDL win.

(Psst. I consider myself a pretty avid reader and I hadn't heard of him either).

Praise and Coffee said...

So much fun!! I loved it, David was awesome and the event was just fabulous!
We need to get ourselves up to Kent District Library, these people know how to party! ;)
And those gals from Grand Rapids Magazine were sooo sweet, hope we see them again sometime.

Thanks again for inviting me!

Rachel Hammond said...

Awesome...I do that with Twitter sometimes too...just retweet and move on...guess I should pay more attention! :)