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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Carpets Are The Cruel Curse To House Wives

When we bought our house eons and lifetimes ago (it sorta feels like eons when we moved in childless and now have four boys, one of them nearly as tall as me!), it had orange carpet.

My husband thought it was just fine.

I did not.

I asked for wood floors. Throughout the whole house.

He assured me I would indeed want carpeting. Who wants cold hard wood floors?

Even before children, I could see the writing on the wall.

Fast forward twelve years. Because he loves me greatly, husband and a friend put down wood floors in the dining room (where the carpet was a light berber...I'll let you think about THAT color carpet being in your DINING ROOM and also your MAIN ENTRANCE into the house. The house in the country. With mud. And dogs. And four boys. Okay, got a good mental image now?). The floors are seven years old now and scuffed and worn and I love them to pieces! I have never ever once thought "I wish we hadn't put wood floors in here".

But because my husband is so enamored by carpet, the man went out and got a huge roll of carpet for the living room. It's white.

I'll let you think on that a moment.

It's not tan (well, now it kinda is). It's white. Brilliant white.

It was free.

He could not resist.

I have spent the entire day running the carpet cleaner over it to sorta return it to a sorta white tinted carpet again.

And every time I dumped the nasty, full of mud and dog hair and BB riddled water down the drain I thought "All I wanted was wood floors."

At this point, I would be happy with plywood floors.

I hate carpet.

And venting this to all the moms who understand my feelings on this makes me feel we are more bonded now in the sisterhood of housework.


chelsea said...

AGREED! You are speaking my language. When we bought our current home, we pulled out everything and added nice, huge tile throughout... except for the bedrooms. I got talked into carpet using the same argument... that it would be cold and we would "WANT" carpet in the rooms.
Um, wrong.
They are disgusting.
It's only been 2 1/2 years.
Cuz guess what? Tile or wood floors can be cleaned.
Carpet? Not so much. Not easily or inexpensively.
Sand in shoes? Can be swept off of tile or wood. Gets buried in carpet.
I could go on and on... oops and I kinda have!

Anonymous said...

Almost white carpet in my living room. I think the cat puked AGAIN this morning and the hubs had to clean it up before he left for work. I love the warmth of carpet, but if this cat pukes one more time I think she will be history.

My daughter in TX has hard wood and it looks really nice. Trust me, it's freezing in that house when the temps drop. Not sure what is worse, cold toes or yucky carpet.

Karen said...

I hear ya! Carpets & a houseful of boys do not all.

The Farmer said...

Feel like the wrong gender commenting on this post but, We have been systematically removing the carpet from out house and putting in wood laminates. Carpets are gross for kids and pets and country living. WE live in the northern climates and I have never noticed the floors being "colder" without carpet. And we spend most of the time barefoot.

Amy said...

The only thing that would make this post more hilarious is photos of said carpet.

P.S. I have (fake) wood floors upstairs and I LOVE them.

To me house full or (boys) kids should = Easy floors for (parents) Mom's to clean.

Amy said...

I really hope my comments get approved. I never come back and check :)

The Farmer's Wife said...

Rip it out.
One of those days, when you look at it and think "It's time to shampoo." replace that thought with "It would take the same amount of time to rip this out." and do it. Just do it.

Our house has carpet in the bathroom! Yes. Don't even begin to think about it.

We DON'T notice the cold! Wear slippers!

Oh, I cannot stand carpet.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Ok... do you want the other side?

We have ceramic tile everywhere except for the bedrooms, and an area rug in the living room.

It's cold.
It hurts my feet.
It's cold.
It's cold.