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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Glimpse Into Our Life

Sometimes I think people think our life is so perfect, so happy and so lovey that it should be a Hallmark movie.

Our life is super real. And it's all those above things too. But here is a glimpse of our real life for you all...

When we woke up Thanksgiving morning, we checked traps. As in mouse traps. And we had caught three. I literally did a happy dance. The boys gave high fives. We have been trying to catch these little mice for two weeks...they were so little they could eat and run. Well, they got fat enough finally.

My happiest moment of all of Thanksgiving was watching my brother crawl around on the floor and get my super cranky niece to scream and giggle and watch Jr attack his suddenly grizzly bear Daddy. Literally I almost cried it was so precious and so funny and so great and just so my brother.

My Dad did that with him and I like, last week wasn't it? Weren't we just those ages?

This morning, when I woke up, I was literally laying on the side of the bed. I could not lay on my back or I'd crush Jake. I could not lay on my tummy or I'd be on the floor. I had hardly a sheet on me and it took all my mostly asleep strength to pull just enough of the comforter to wrap me up a bit so I could go back to sleeping. There was, in our queen sized bed, S2, S3 and S4.

And Sadie.

And Jake.

And me.

I wonder why I wake up like an old woman, shuffling for the coffee pot, holding my side that still hasn't healed from the tripping incident and catch a glimpse of me, dark circles under my eyes and rats nest in my hair? It's shocking. As in scary shocking.

But I tell you what, when those chubby little arms fling over and cuddle me closer, I do feel loved.

And realize that it's sad S1 doesn't cuddle in bed with us in the middle of the night anymore.

S4 declared we had too many people in this family, too many brothers. Then when Hubs asked him when we should have stopped having boys and he realized that whenever they would have stopped would have meant no him, he decided that we had the perfect number of brothers. But he was up for having S3 sent to him room for awhile.

We went and got our Christmas tree yesterday. It's lovely. And it's not decorated. It's not decorated because it's so lovely in the raw's not decorated because in order to get the decorations I have to clean a path through the spare room. Seriously. That it's not decorated makes S4 so very sad.

And makes me feel even further behind.

My house is such a mess that I would be mortified if someone stopped in. Today I finally took the dead hanging basket down from where it hung on our front porch. But I just set it on the front porch...

I told Hubby that I was desperate to write. He metioned I could in my spare time...

I have no spare time.

I sometimes think my head is a whirlwind of half thoughts and half finished projects.

I didn't even get my sister a birthday gift this week.

And my best friends birthday package is upstairs, half put together, not sent out. Her birthday was in September.

So, if I don't blog often, know its not because words aren't bouncing in my head desperate to get written. I am typing out this rambling bunch because they screamed the loudest. And then I'll be off to re-clean the kitchen, recheck the mouse traps, make dinner, clear all the unfolded socks off the table so we can eat the dinner I have yet to make....

But I'll be thinking of all the blogs I want to write.

And all the walking runs I wish I were doing every day.

And being totally and fully and gratefully thankful for my insanely loud boys, my messy house and my hardworking hubby.

Because I am blessed. And my life is BETTER than a Hallmark movie.


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

It sounds SO much better than a Hallmark movie.

Mom had mice last year at this time. I think they know it's going to snow soon!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Your life IS BETTER than a Hallmark movie! Although, my dear one, I can completely empathize on the behindedness (new word! Call Websters...) and the shlumping to the kitchen for coffee, looking like those zombie posters in the mall.

And writing...
When I finally, finally get the opportunity to sit down, with quiet all around....I just sit there, zoned out, with the blank blog in front of me....there's too much. I love your posts that encompass something like 4 days. Like a weekly newspaper or something!

You are NOT behind, Christmas-wise. Where is it written that the tree has to be up and decorated by Dec. 1? Nuh-UH! You're enjoying the natural nuances...right?

Love you!

Jennifer said...

I love this post! This was so my life 10 years ago. I don't know if I appreciated it enough while in the moment though. Enjoy your family the clutter will be waiting for you when the kids aren't under foot. And don't panic if someone stops by unexpectedly, welcome them in. They will appreciate seeing they aren't the only ones not keeping all of the plates spinning. Your keeping the important ones spinning and that is what matters.
Hugs! (softly, I don't want to hurt your ribs)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jennifer. Relish the confusion while you are in it. All too soon your house will be quiet an clean leaving you longing for the days of long ago when four little boys ran through it.

I'm spending this weekend with my oldest two and just watching them giggle and laugh like little girls has brought such joy to my heart. It's a rare thing to be together and to be reminded of all those years ago when we lived under the same roof.

Amy said...

Ditto what Becca said.

I feel just like you, Like I have a million and 1 things to say, but can't find the time to be awake and do so.

I think our normal lives are way more interesting then the movies :)