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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Fell Flat on my Face (and cried too)

I have these crazy insane friends who love to run. Some have been running for forever and ever amen.

One began this spring.

One just started four weeks ago...and she is the one who is convinced we should do a 5k come spring.

I have always admired runners. Really. It's the one sport I wished I could do and since I have no hand eye coordination....


I figured it could be a good thing for me.

So when my neighbor asked me if I would like to walk with her, I jumped at the opportunity and then hoped I developed pneumonia to get me out of it.

I did get sick with a nasty cold.

But I still went.

And felt great.

Mostly because I didn't keel over and die from walking 2.5 miles.

I figured I was in much better shape than I had given myself credit for. I felt so awesome!

Until that night when I could barely bend my legs as I kneeled down to help all the little kids at church. Sheer torture. Complete pain.

So I walked again the next day, bringing Sadie with me.

And we were chased by a cow so we learned to run.

I had joked the cows would "mooooootivate" us on, but when one began to paw the ground and chase us along the fence, I was wondering if I really trusted in the strength of the fence and decided to not wait and find out if it could hold a cow back.

And when Sadie and I came back thru, the ol' cow had all her cow ladies there to show us they weren't worth messing with.

Sadie and I agreed.

And after Thursday I haven't gone out again. So today, Sunday, I woke up extra early and when the guys went out to hunt, I put a movie on for the other boys and I leashed up BOTH dogs and headed out just as the light was filling our Michigan sky.

It was lovely.

I seen real blue birds, the ones you see in Birds and Blooms, and was thrilled to watch them flitter about. I saw a hawk. And I am pretty darn sure I seen an owl.

It was hard to tell. Because while Josie was being drug along, Sadie was pulling both Josie and I along. My feet were not gracefully running, oh no. They were literally "plod plod plod plod plod plod" on the ground as I tried to keep the leashes from my feet. Sadie wanted me to run, Josie wanted to lie down and die.

It was great fun.

Made it home feeling so on top of the world. Made breakfast for all my boys. Got a shower taken and was totally ready for church ON TIME.

People, this is monumental.

As I was clicking through the house with my heels on, I somehow tripped.

And not having anything around me to grab, I fell.

And because that dresser was going to get moved after Thanksgiving but was still there, I fell into it.

And hit my ribs.

So I laid on the floor, fetal position, gasping for air.

With four boys and two dogs hanging over my face to make sure I was okay.

If I don't laugh, don't take a deep breath, don't move too quickly and don't carry any weight, I am just fine and dandy. If I attempt any of these things, you can tell by the look on my face it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

How can you go from feeling so GREAT to feeling so crippled in mere moments?

Apparently by wearing heels with pants that have large cuffed hems. Or something like that.

Anyway, that's my story for today. I'll have a fun boy one for you soon, I am sure.

Until then, I am hunched over, figuring out how I am going to walk again tomorrow....because surprisingly, as awful as I hurt all over, I do love it.


Anonymous said...

But the question is, "Did you curl your hair today?" bawhahahahaha!

I'm so sorry my friend! I pray you didn't break anything.

I think this calls for you to be the queen of your castle and have your "men servants" wait on you hand and foot while you recover.

She wish I could bring you a big old cup of coffee and something sweet to go with it.

Praise and Coffee said...

OH always tend to leave me speechless.
I hope you are ok!

Casie's wanting us to do a 5K on Jan. 1st...I'm pretty sure there will not be any cows.

gramma teetsie said...

You might want to make sure you didn't break any ribs or anything - a trip to the emergency room wouldn't hurt - I was walking my boss's dog (a rottie that goes about 160lbs) and he decided he like the looks of the beagle that was tied up outside. I went head over heals and since I work at a Auto repair shop all I saw in front of me was a big huge fender so I tried to back off and bounced (no, really bounced) off the cement on my hip. I am purple for about 3" x 6-7" on my left side hip but I missed my face in the bumper. But, I NEVER let go of that damn dog. Please, get yourself checked out. PLEASE????

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry!! That is something I have so done!! I took Koda for a lovely long walk, and then fell getting INTO the house afterwards. It was awful!

I hope you keep walking, and maybe running some day. I have faith in you!!

chelsea said...

You. Poor. Thing!

Amy said...

Ok, I laughed a little (I'm so evil) I worried more.
I agree with Ginger, bring on the manservants.

Amy said...

damn comments aren't showing again. At least you won't get a million of "where's my comment" :)