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Monday, November 15, 2010

Washing the Dogs...What Could (not) Go Wrong?

I had a nice blog post going through my head that I am all happy to write for you. But I got distracted.

By my dogs.

Last night, as Hubby and I were snuggled on the couch watching Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC, he mentioned, again, that the dogs stink.

They do.

But washing them would then be my job and really, I didn't want to take that one on. However, I am tired of the dogs smelling stinky so I decided that since the bathroom was already a mess, I might as well make it messier.

Josie seen the shampoo bottle and hid under the table. She informed me she was not going in the bathtub. I informed her she was and promptly wrestled her in. Once in, she resigns herself to the fact that she must get clean and did a fine job. I dried her off and sent her on her way.

Sadie thought this all looked fun. Looking back on it now, though, she may have just been mocking Josie in dog speak...and since I don't speak dog speak I missed that.

That would have been my first warning.

Hubs called and was so impressed with me deciding to wash the dogs. I might have smugly glowed under his praise.

That should have been my next warning.

He assured me his Sad would be just fine in the tub, she'd love it, she loves water and getting scrubbed would be a special treat for her.

That really should have sent off warning bells.

Sadie happily followed me into the bathroom but when I pulled her toward the tub, the, er, FUN, really began.

Sadie refused to get in the tub. She tried jumping (remember, she is the dog that jumps as high as the door itself), she tried clawing, she tried dragging me......

I held on to her collar for dear life. I turned the water off thinking it might be scaring her. I talked soothing words to her.

She seemed to quiet a bit as I scrubbed the soap in. It had to soak for five minutes so I just kept scrubbing and she finally even sat down in the water.

But when I went to rinse her, well, it made the first half of the bath when I was fighting to get her IN the tub seem to be a breeze.

And it had not been a breeze.

She literally pulled my arm all the way back. That's when I finally let go. The whole bathroom was a standing puddle, her thrashing had emptied the tub. I hadn't really known that could happen.

At least I had her cornered in the bathroom, where she couldn't escape.

It was no sooner than that thought had run through my thankful mind when S4 opened the door.....

....he had wanted a drink of water.....

...and Sadie took off.

My dining room floor looked like I had dumped a bucket of water on it. Sadie shook, numerous times, spraying the whole room. She ran for the living room where she rolled all over the carpet. She ran back through the house to the kitchen, shaking again.

Basically, she went on a shaking rolling rampage.

And to get back at me, she dumped S2's big aloe plant in the bathroom...making the puddle she had created a giant muddy swamp.

I have spent the whole entire day cleaning - scrubbing - our bathroom.

The dogs do look fluffy and nice, I must admit. The whole entire house, however, smells of hot wet dog.

Husband, you can wash the dogs next time.


Anonymous said...

Oh man...this is why we go to a place that has the harness set-up. It takes three of us to wrangle Koda, and one of us is 8!

At least you have a good story...right...

chelsea said...

Oh no! That is hilarious! Not for you, certainly, but reading about it? HILARIOUS!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Haha!!! See? 2 clean dogs AND a clean bathroom... ;)

Amy said...

OMG I read this a while ago and could just picture the whole thing. I wish you'd taken photos.

BTW. I'm going to come back and see if any of my comments ever do get approved and show up. I'd feel soooo cool :)