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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Try to Explain Girly

All the boys are watching Red Green which spurred me on even more to write this post.

Sometimes, I like to be extra girly.

In a house full of boys, that is difficult to pull off.

I curl my hair sometimes. Hubby watched me recently. "Really? You want to spend all that time on you hair? It's just hair....." (Some of my friends are still not talking to him about that comment.)

Or when I tried a new braid and side bun look last week and asked Jake if it looked cute and he said "Yah, I suppose. It's got bobby pins in it so it's cute, I guess...for a librarian."

I love make up. I do. I am a sucker for new colors and new nail polish and mascara that will really make your lashes look like you have fake ones on (didn't work for me...). But the boys do not get it. I can put my make up on and sorta have styled hair in 15 minutes....That's what happens when you have one bathroom and five boys wanting to know what takes so long in there. I can hear them thinking "Girls..." with a shake of their head and a roll of their eyes.

I like heels. I like skirts. I like to get all prettied up and get to stay prettied up. I can wear my jeans and hooded sweatshirt and be just fine, which is good, it's what I wear nearly every day. Right now I am in sweat pants, a Clippers T-shirt and a ratty old sweater that I love.

But this Sunday I really threw the boys for a loop. They stared. They could not understand me. I topped all other weird girl things...

I wore nylons.

Black ones.

With an above the knee dress.

S4 had to see my feet. Because my toes were black too he informed me that I made him feel "nervous". I told him I would take them off when we got home. When he realized they were like pants, he was sorta okay with it.

I got home and put on jeans and shuffled about the house in bare feet. This made the boys feel much relieved.

I never knew nylons could be scary.



Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Haha!! I love that your black feet scared him.

Whenever I put colored polish on my toes, Jack just stares at them. He used to try and pull my toenails.


Karen said...

LOL! I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn nylons since having my boys. It is such a strange phenomenon to them and they have to keep touching the nylons & pulling at them. I guess to them it's almost like a layer of skin I might just shed at any moment.

Oh, I sometimes forget to embrace my girly side in this house full of men. Thanks for reminding me that it's still OK to do my girly stuff...even if it freaks out the boys.

chelsea said...

What a fun post! Oh I can't imagine what that must be like! I grew up in a mostly girl home and, even now, we're split 50/50 (but us girls totally rule the roost)... Cling to your girliness, at least now and then!

Amy said...

LMAO Denise. You have every right to be girly. I also LOVE what Jake said. Joe would say the same. TMI but Joe thinks lingere is pointless. "I'm jst gonna take it off, what's the point" Saves me money :)