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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Over Heard in Our House This Morning.....

We heat with wood. It's a wonderful thing because all winter long the house stays set at 75 degrees.

And because there are lots of people who think we must melt, keep in mind we have an OLD farmhouse and there are STILL parts of it that have NO insulation.

No insulation. In read that right.


We have an outdoor wood burner that is Hubby's baby, he loves this outdoor wood burner. It also heats all our hot water as well.

We have a few vents that then spill the warm heat into our house. The most popular vent, by far, is the one in the living room. It is the boys favorite place to curl up. It's Moma's favorite place to sit as well if she can ever find it empty.

Today, S4 had apparently had the spot, jumped up to pee and S3 stole the spot. We were all supposed to be sleeping because the time changed but apparently the boys didn't get that memo because they were wide awake.


The fight broke out, them hollering and whining. Then S3 snuck into the bedroom and tried to "wake me up". But since I was having fun hearing their jabs back and forth I feigned sleep. He gave up and the fight and whining continued. S4 came in to tattle on his brother, seen us, stood there and weighed his options and then marched back out to say THIS to his brother.

"I'm counting and then you have to move....1, 2, 3...4, 5...I am really gonna tell on you this time...6, 7, 8910. MOVE!"

"No," was his calm reply.

"Move because....(and here he used his most authoritative voice) GOD tells you to SHARE."

There was a moment of silence. "Well, I had this spot first."

I was beginning to wonder if we should be worried over that answer when S4 retorted. "Well, you better move or....or I won't tell you any more of my jokes!"

It was shortly after this they began to giggle.

And still they pushed and shoved but it was fun to hear all their brotherness get sorted out. I would have so loved to get it on video.....


Anonymous said...

That is one of those moments you long to remember forever. I tell you girl, it's gone in a flash. Enjoy the moments between those boys while you can.

Karen said...

We heat with wood too (and sometimes coal). My hubby would be so jealous of your outdoor furnace. He's been wanting to do that for a long time. As it is ours is in the basement. Oh, and there are still parts of our old house that aren't insulated too. But...we don't live in Michigan. And, I'm guessing it gets a wee bit colder there.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Almost better than video... you have it on your blog :)