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Friday, August 3, 2012


It's that time of year again.


This year S1 has sorta decided to play.  As in, he survived two conditioning practices and isn't for sure if he is going to play.  Well, until he got this t-shirt, that is.

We signed S2 up for football today, he was THRILLED to get his old number back again.

Look at those tough farm boys!

S3, you can't see, is crying because he isn't playing this year.  If he cries much more, his Daddy may give in and sign him up.  S3 has been sadly looking at his Daddy all night tonight.

I wanted to get a photo now, in the beginning.  Before the bruises, before the losses, before the wins, before the exhaustion, before the elation.  Two boys playing makes me tired all ready.  And it makes me thrilled all at the same time.

This was the sunset tonight...

It feels like summer ended tonight.

Well, other than the fact that it was 94 degrees today.

As I walked the track tonight at school while S1 had his conditioning practice, I chatted with two of my dearest friends.  I watched our kids and a bunch of other kids ride their bikes and play their own football game on the hill.  I waved hello to old friends.

I have missed the camaraderie of football season for me as well.

So, look forward to LOTS more post of the boys football season.

It's sure to be eventfully thrilling!!!!

And if you are a football mom...or if you just love football...check out this book.  I can't wait to reread it!

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Ginger said...

I spent a ton of time at football games, however, I was watching the cute little cheerleader who didn't have a clue how the game was played, but she sure could clap and yell :) I'm not sure she ever turned around from the crowd to watch the team, but she was 100% sold out to cheering.

My life was, "Life with three girls...Xanax please!"