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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life is a Bit Different in Arizona

The first day I arrived in Arizona, I went to bed when Jack did.  Or close to.  I'm not totally sure of the time frame there because my mind was more than slightly hazy.  One might toss and turn in a new bed, in a new house, in unfamiliar surroundings...but I did not.  I closed my eyes and was dead to the world.

This morning I awoke to many coffee choices and when Becca ran the boys to school, I sat at the pool drinking coffee and being ever so thankful for it while I called my boys.

S2 - "Hey, Mama, did you bring our fish to Arizona with you?"
Me - "Nope.  Daddy said he would take care of them."
S2 - "Did you remind him?"
Me - "Mmmhmm, and I'll remind him later this week."
S2 - "Did you remind him to feed the bunnies too?'
Me - "Yup, your bunnies are fine too."

Very little chatting and the phone was handed to S3.

S3 - "Hi, Mama, did you pack our fish with you?"
Me - "No, Daddy is feeding them though.  He already said he did."
S3 - "Will he remember to feed them again?"
Me - "Oma will let you call him and remind Daddy."
S3 - "Oh."  He sounds unsure. Then, "Did you see a cactus yet? Don't forget a picture of a cactus!"

Then S4 got on the phone.

S4 - "Hi, Mama! Did you bring Josie with you?"
Me - "No, Josie (the dog) is home with Daddy."
S4 - "I bet she isn't happy. (Josie loves me. Jake? notsomuch.) "Did you bring the fish with you?"
Me - "No, and I already talked with Daddy and he fed them."
S4 - "Did he feed the bunnies too?"

I am glad to know that my boys who I have to remind to do chores do in fact remember their chores when they are gone being spoiled at Oma and Papa's.

And I am not so worried about them missing me now.

After my conversation with my boys about their pets (S1 was already out putting up deer stands in trees), Becca and I went for a walk.

I am thankful she is patient and kind because I took a zillion photos.

But when it looks like this, how can you not?

We tried to get photos of lizards.  Like, tried and tried.  I took video of us finding a lizard...almost.  As in, it was there, we just couldn't see it.

This was the best photo I got.  I was super impressed with this, because those lizards can move FAST.

And I was really thankful not to see a snake.

Tonight for dinner Becca and her super kind husband spoiled me yet again with Chinese food.  I am now the biggest fan of Sesame Chicken and Fried Rice. To which Jake said, "You know, they have Chinese food at home.  I could take you someplace for Chinese."

I think he misses me.  A lot.

But, does Michigan have THIS??????

I think not.

In fact, I know not.

Becca tells me that if the cactus (and she has another name for it too) has one arm it is 75 years old.  So this one is REALLY old.  

And really cool.

And I need to find new words other than "and" and "cool".

But one thing that was not cool is this....

While enjoying a leisurely morning (after our adventurous three mile walk), we sat at the pool and chit chatted the morning away.  We were back in the house before eleven.  I figured morning sun, no worries....

I think you can tell that I should have worried.

And yes, the sunburn is a little sore.

And yes, Becca's husband laughed at us.  But he should have.  I look ridiculous.

But it was fun all the same. 

Tomorrow I explore more cactus. Or is it cacti? Or something like that.  

And there may be rumors of pedicures.  

Oh yah, Arizona and I are getting along just fine.


gramma teetsie said...

I am so happy for you and Becca. And jealous too. I love AZ. Very different from anywhere I have ever been (you know, Maine, Indiana, NC and Japan) but I love AZ.

Amy said...

I miss you, I'm so glad you went and had so much fun. You deserve it!!!!