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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm in Arizona!!!

Well, I did it.

I packed as little as I could and boarded a plane.

I sat on said plane for an hour and a half while they tried to fix it.  They then decided it could not be fixed and sent us to a new plane.

We literally walked off one plane and onto the other plane.  

This one worked.

We flew to Chicago where I found my next connecting flight with no problems at all and sat in a middle seat between two business men and flew to Arizona.

I was pretty much bouncing in my seat with excitement the closer we got.  This is when the man next to the window decided he may need to talk to me (bless him for not thinking I am crazy...but, then again, he might of thought I was crazy) and then he pronounced me a saint (so he couldn't have thought I am crazy) for having four boys. 

When I got off the plane in Phoenix, I walked down a short way and THERE WAS BECCA!!!!

And I didn't get a picture.

She promptly took me to get lunch at In-N-Out

Y U M M Y !!!!

THEN I remembered to get a photo of Becca and I.

We then drove like two hours in which I could have possibly taken a zillion photos because everything is lovely to me.

And when we arrived at her home, I finally sat at her pool.

The pool she has sent photos to me of for so long.

I was there.

I am here NOW.

Pinch me, it doesn't seem real!

Then Chelsea and kids came to visit and have dinner with us.

And we took photos even though I was nearly dead tired at this point.

And in this moment, smiling for photos, I still could not believe I was actually here...this is actually happening.

During dinner, a monsoon hit.

And when it cleared out I took about ten photos that look like this....

Beautiful is an understatement for Arizona.

Spoiled is an understatement of how great Becca and family are to me.

Are you following Becca's blog yet?

You better be! She has more there....

I'll have more adventure's up soon...don't worry.

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