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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Fun

On Sunday morning, we woke up late.

Jake and I honestly cannot remember waking up at the time we should have been leaving for church in a long time.  "We'll just go to big church," Hubs told me as he snuggled down into the bed again.

"OR...." and I gave him my best cute look that I could muster after being asleep for ten hours, "We could stay home today."

So we stayed home.

And it was blissfully wonderful.

After eating a big breakfast of pancakes (yes, Becca, with peanut butter), I cleaned up the kitchen while listening to the intense football game going on outside my kitchen window.

You know those moments you want to bottle and keep forever?  That was one of them.

So I grabbed the flip cam and took a few videos of the boys....

Daddy plays all time QB, S1 and S4 (Andrew and Abraham) are a team and S2 and S3 (Isaac and Eli) are a team.  The boys literally beg daddy to play football with them every single day.  Having a day free to play football? They couldn't have been happier.

A friend had facebook messaged us to see if we needed a free dishwasher.  And while we did not, my sister did so we made plans to head over and pick it up.

"Head over and pick it up" was close to a three hour trip because Kelly Faye is that awesomely sweet.
Every time I get a chance to see her I leave saying, "Jake, we need to get together with her more often."

She just bought this house in the past year and being a single girl, she didn't want a dishwasher.  Her house is done up in colors I love.  Seriously, I am just going to have her give me paint colors so I can pick them up for our house.  The boys love her dog Remii, and I dare say Remii will sleep soundly after chasing innumerable tennis balls thrown by the boys...not to mention the chasing of the boys themselves.  

I could go on and on about Kelly Faye.  She is that sweet, that down to earth, that wonderful.

And she lives next to Jake's high school good buddy, Bob.  And when Bob saw we were there, he had to pull in and say hello too.

So here is the funny story that Jake tells everyone about Bob.

When they were in high school, Jake bet Bob one hundred dollars that Bob would be married before Jake was.  Jake and I just celebrated 15 years, Bob has never been married.  Jake tells this story and looks at me as if to say, "You've been costing me money since I married you."  BUT HE SAYS, "You were worth every penny."  I always then choose to believe what he says.

And Bob, being Bob, did not make Jake pay that one hundred dollars. 

But I thought to snap this photo of them and I am just going to say, I love it for some many reasons.

After saying, "Well, we are going to get going" about twenty times (literally), we finally loaded up in the truck and headed home to grill chicken for dinner.  S4 had to clean out the suburban to help pay off the toy he bought (but didn't have the money for) and found our Burger King crowns from earlier this week.  He deemed me a princess and wanted me to wear it....
He thought I looked princess-y but since I had not combed my hair or put on make up that day, I seriously doubted it.

But what cracked me up was checking on my grilling hubby and finding him like this....
I love it.  I was almost sad no one stopped by to see us wearing crowns as we went about our evening.  I mean, that would be a memorable "drop by" for someone, don't you think?

As Jake, S1 and I snuggled on the couch eating hot fudge pudding cake and ice cream, tired and full of sweet food, I couldn't help but think what a wonderfully perfect day this was.

It was a good, good day.

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Tammy said...

Looks like a wonderful day!! Glad you got to enjoy it. :) And you make a pretty princess.