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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Camping With Diaper Diaries.

I just mopped myself into my computer desk just to blog to you.


I would take a photo for you but my phone is in the kitchen and I am here at the desk and I would have to re-mop my floor if I went to get it and I'm grateful for all you readers and all that but, well, I don't feel like re-mopping right now.

Bur, really truly, I did mop myself into a corner and what was in that corner?

My computer.

Sometimes my brilliance is astounding.


We just got back from camping.

We camped for seven full days with my mom and her dog Maggie, my brother, Dan, his wife, Ginger and my adorable nephews Levi and Hunter.  My sister was supposed to show but she was camping elsewhere.  My dad came out to visit us and my aunt was there three times.  Jake took a vacation day and camped three days with us.

No shower incidents all are evil for hoping that they would.

We did, however, camp next to Pirates.

I kid you not.

And we had an entire cooler filled with crawdads and a turtle...because doesn't everyone?

Just like doesn't everyone take their pet bunnies camping with them?

I also had to wage full out war on a mouse.  So far the mouse is winning.

But one of the best parts of the trip was that Diaper Diaries came along camping with us.

Didn't you know she loves to camp?

in fact, she made this button for us all.....

Oh, this says she does not like to camp....

Okay, here is the story behind that.

While camping, Diaper Diaries posted a blog and since I did check my email on my phone (love the iphone, especially when my computer has no internet connection), I read this blog post on which she stated why camping is NOT a vacation.

Every time I walked to the bathrooms, I giggled.

In the shower, with my mom in the shower next to me, she hollered over the not sound proof wall, "I'm not feeling like I am on vacation" and when I looked down at my flip flopped feet standing in the shower that I understood what she meant.

But we did have a GREAT time.  A wonderful time.  

And when I arrived home, I took a shower with bare feet.

It was glorious.

I'll fill you in on the camping trip as soon as I can...I have much to share and other things I need to write maybe I'll just toss some camping posts out in the next week or two.

What are your thoughts on camping?

1 comment:

Susie Finkbeiner said...

Okay. You have to tell me more about the pirates. I have family members who are pirates. Maybe it was them???

Oh. And my thoughts on camping. Hmm...I like the hiking and camp fire and the dirty feet. Just not the tent. :)