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Monday, February 25, 2013

Being Married to Me...

...Must be Awesome.

I mean, really.

Sunday night, after I made - from scratch - Belgium waffles, my husband pushed his plate away, wiped his face and said, "Hey, can you make me a BLT for work tomorrow?  Uh, make that two BLT's."

Now, there is a might bit of a story behind this.  He tells me how to make a sandwich, I somehow mess it up, he tells me what I did wrong, I either cry or say "Make your own dang sandwich yourself!" and storm away from the kitchen.

See? AWESOME to be married to me!  I'm always adding suspense to the mix.  It keeps things interesting.  I mean, we can NOT have boring.

Back to the BLT's.

"Do you trust me?" I ask, arching my eyebrow at him.

"Yah, just make it with mayonnaise, a little pepper and the bacon, lettuce tomato." He did not catch the arching eyebrow.

"You want cheese?"

"No.  It's called a B. L. T."

"Want me to put some avocado on it?" (Because that is really yummy, I might add.  Just helping out.)

"No! It's a BLT.  You just need the bacon, the lettuce and the tomato."

"And mayonnaise."

"Yes.  And a little pepper."

"But there isn't any M in BLT.  You can see where one could be confused."

"There is no B for bread but you make it with bread anyhow."

"Technically, there is a B.  You could B it to the second for BLT."

Silence.  (That rarely happens, by the way.) Then, "There isn't a letter for toast.  And you make it with toast."

"No.  There IS a T.  So you could take the T to the second."

"Well, don't you have all the answers tonight?"  He stands up.  He knows he has been beat.  He goes to get his coat to fetch S1 from church.  "So, can you make me two BLT's?"

"Just bacon, lettuce and tomato?"

"And mayonnaise with a little pepper," he adds, his voice suddenly sounding very tired.

"I can try." I smile brightly at him, to reassure him of my great intentions and brilliance and just plain awesomeness.

He sighed heavily. "Please," he adds, as he walks out the door.

I waved goodbye to him and then scurried for the computer because, come on, this is a GREAT blog post.

See?  Being married to me is AWESOME.

I must be feeling REALLY awesome to add this silly photo! 
It seemed to fit the post.

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