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Friday, February 1, 2013

Warts Are My BFF's

At school, S4 does "Happy Mail".  They write notes to each other saying what the other did to be a good friend.  S4 has rather taken to this and he likes writing me notes.  I have a collection of them now, all with the special drawn stamp on them, and I hope I don't loose them because they are really precious.

And hilarious.

His notes began asking me when we could get his warts removed.


He had had one frozen off his right hand a few years ago, it came back and it brought friends.

We had tried the duct tape trick but the side of your hand is a pretty tricky place to keep a piece of duct tape.  S4 counted up seven warts he needed to get removed so we made an appointment.

Days before the appointment, he declared, "My warts are my bff's!"

"What?" I laughed.

"My bff's!" he said again.

"Your big fat friends?" S3 asked curiously.

Their daddy nearly keeled over in laughter at that one.

Great, now they will keep repeating it.

S4 sobered, "How will I know my right hand from my left hand?" he asked.

We told him he would figure it out.

When we went to the doctor, he grinned like a crazy boy, happy to have a day with his mama.  He figured he needed an alligator and angry bird slippers to get through this ordeal.  I got him the alligator and surprised him with it when I picked him up from school that day.

The doctor, who has known us and taken care of the boys since S1 was only one year old, asked him if he was ready,  He was...

Until they began.  His warts were rather large and we ended up freezing NINE of them.  Seven were on one hand.  Huge tears dripped from his face.  He reached for my hand and squeezed it hard.

My poor baby.

I totally should have gotten him those angry bird slippers too.

We left the doctor's office with five stickers in hand, the Doctor said anyone who had that many warts removed deserved every Angry Bird sticker she had. 

And then we went for Biggby coffee.

He keeps looking at the warts, seeing if they are falling off or not.  He had me take a photo of every single one of them that night so he can remember them when he is older.  I find that an odd request...

But they are his bff's.

Side note-

The doctor told us a story of a boy who needed a wart removed in the middle of his hand.  When his mom went to use the restroom, she asked him if he was ready to get his wart removed and he shrugged sadly.  "What's wrong? she asked.

The boy pointed to the wart tenderly.  "Well, because we live in Michigan, when someone would ask me where I live, I would just hold up my hand and point to my wart.  It's, well, it's kinda like my home."

When the mother returned the doctor said, "You do realize that when we remove his wart it will be like removing his hometown?"

They removed it anyhow.

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