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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When You Have A Teenage Brother

When you have a teenage brother, you suddenly have someone else who bosses you around.

He wants to look at the computer and do boring things like work in his shop and read books.

He is strong enough to pick you up and pummel you to the ground.

He controls the tv remote and hoards it at all times.  Cartoons are not his idea of good tv.

But every once in has to put him in his place.

And so, my two youngest cooked up a grand plan.

While their brother was laying on his bed reading, they opened the window above the kitchen roof and grabbed a handful of snow.

This snow storm is perfect packing snow.

Then they quietly creeped into his bedroom where he keeps a sheet over his bed so he has his own 'man cave' and hit him smack dab in the middle of his cheek with a snow ball.

Then they ran screaming like the dickens down the steps and behind me.

I probably shouldn't laugh, probably shouldn't post this, but it was too stinking funny not to.

It was funny when they tossed a snowball at him when he was taking too long in the bathroom too.  But then I had to tell them to stop for good and use my mean face.

Still, I found it hilarious.

And, maybe, down deep, the teenager is proud of his brothers impressive scheming and delivery.

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Amy said...

You seriously never have a dull moment do you?? Love these stories. I'm considering them my boy parenting prep work. Keep 'em coming!