Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How To Make a Phone Call with Four Boys

I often wonder what people think when they call us here at home. Take yesterday for example. All I can begin this story with is that thank goodness it was the pediatrician’s office, who is used to us. Even if they have never seen us in our home element….

I had to call to change an appointment time. I waited until all the boys were outside to make sure there were no distractions. The boys were headed out into our woods so I knew I would be fine.

Ha! Ha!

No sooner did I get the secretary and the door slams open. That is force to slam a door OPEN.

“Moma! Moma!” S4 bursts into the house. He does not have a quiet voice, unless he has to say he is sorry. He has no, I repeat, NO indoor voice.

Behind S4 is S2 with something that is in his hand squawking so loudly it is shriller than S4.

“We caught a bird!”

I’m asking the secretary to repeat herself for the second time feeling so sorry for her having to talk over the boys and finally, when I could not hear her at all, I interrupted and said “I’m so sorry…the boys just caught a bird!”

They were still explaining loudly as they walked thru the house out the back door but I made the new arrangements and I’m pretty sure I hung up to her laughter. At me.

When I went outside to get the full story, they explained that a bird had been hopping through the woods and they were sure it was lost so they had picked it up and could they keep it please?

While they are explaining all of this, the birds in the trees are making such a ruckus I am sure at any moment we will be dive bombed by angry moma bird.

I convinced them to let it go. I told them they could watch it hop away to make sure it was safe. Apparently this wasn’t much fun because they gave up on it rather quickly.


I considered calling the pediatrician’s office back to explain but, really, how do you explain this every day normal occurrence? You don’t.


Karen Hossink said...

Do all the hurt and abandoned animals in your area seem to find your boys? I am quite sure there has been a memo distributed among the animals in the greater Lansing area to this affect: If you need help, find the Hossink kids. They love animals and their mom is a major push-over!
Wishing you a peaceful day!

Denise said...

We have our share.....want a kitten? :) S2 will save all animals, we have taken in our fair share of birds, rabbits, salamanders, chickens of course.....but I do not do snakes! And we get phone calls from people asking if we would take animals.....I can't say no and my husband can't get rid of them. One day I'll have to post about Mr. Goose and Miss Goosey, THAT'S a story!

Jaime said...

This was too funny. I am thinking that the lady at the pediatricians office had a good laugh and maybe even had a story to take home. Making phone calls with kids is always interesting and mine usually need help in the bathroom when I am talking and that is always fun.