Thursday, July 9, 2009

Too Shocked to Write

It has come to my attention that S1 is TEN INCHES SHORTER than me!

I am too overwhelmed to even post anything more than that.

Wasn't he just a little baby boy?
If anyone knows of a place to find a good set of spike heels and tips in wearing them farmgirl style, please send information my way. I'm gonna need them.


Donnetta said...

New reader here. :-)

I can totally relate to the shock you are experiencing! I am 5'2". My 13 year old son is 5'11" tall! He passed me long ago!

Like you, I'm quite sure it was almost just yesterday that he was born. *sigh*

Where does the time go and how does this happen so fast?...

Kela said...

I'm feelin'ya. My second oldest (13, almost 14) is just as tall as me now. She has really big feet, so I'm thinking that she'll be really tall!

Jessica Nelson said...

OH no! I'm not looking forward to when my boys are taller than me. Eeek!
Get some heels girl, quick! LOL

Rose said...

I know how you feel~mine is already taller than me! Sometimes I feel like crying because time has gone by so so fast. God bless, Rose

karen said...

I too can relate. My tween is cutting the gap between us QUICKLY. The funny thing is that she looks A LOT like me and some have even asked if we're twins (great compliment for me:) God is good:)