Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend Trip for Four Stitches

But really, I hope you all had a great Fourth. On the third, my husband was off work so we sat around the breakfast table and gave a brief history lesson to our boys. Going over some of the history with them was humbling…and thrilling…and encouraging!

On Saturday we had a little girl (K) stay with us for the day. So I got to do a little girls hair and paint her little finger nails and toenails (red and blue, every other nail). Those of you with girls will think nothing of that, those of us with all boys realize what a treasured time this is!

But on the fifth, Sunday, we had a busy day. Friends of ours (R.C.) had to make a run to the walk in clinic for a cold and we offered to watch her boys so she and her hubby could have some alone time – as though you are oh so alone in a walk in clinic, but, hey, it’s the thought! I assured her we would have a blast, told her to go out for ice cream afterwards….you gotta take advantage of any time you can with just you and your husband!

My hubby made this ginormous hamburgers for us, and hot dogs for some of the kids who didn’t want hamburgers, that are oh so tasty. On the local news Friday morning they were explaining how to make gourmet hamburgers and my husband has an undiscovered gift, we found. They are scrumptious!

As soon as dinner was done, six boys ran outside to play on the slip and slide. Less then ten minutes later, S2 begins wailing, my husband begins screaming for me to look (I was in the kitchen clearing dinner) and S2 stumbles into the house, the left side of his face covered in blood.

He had been jumping on a bongo board, minus the bongos, and it had come back and hit him in the eyebrow. There was no second guess to it, he needed stitches. My husband pulled the vehicle around while I threw on a more “appropriate” shirt (I had planned on weeding, so I was going for the best tanning shirt), threw dry clothes on S2 and left a small cluster of wide eyed boys behind in the driveway as we sped on our way.

Nearly four hours later, he was stitched up.

There was some sort of emergencies with ambulances pulling in. We got the last bed, and we were right next to the unloading spot for the ambulances. I looked at S2 who was watching wide eyed at distraught and sobbing adults, dr’s leaning in the room to grab move gloves…. and asked him if he was all right. He never said a word, just made sure I had my hand on his leg so he knew I was there.

His only concerns were that someone might laugh at him for his getting more swollen by the hour eye and that Daddy would feel bad S2 hadn’t gotten that row of squash hoed like he had planned to. S2 had gotten up extra early, before church, to help his Daddy plant potatoes. And now laying here, he was still worried about how his Daddy would get the field hoed with him in the ER.

It was a long wait, in which I had a greater insight into my precious little S2, who isn’t going to be so little forever.

And as I was silently praying for these distraught people around me, I was also thanking God for a minor injury to remind me of all the things we had to be so thankful for.

Today S2 is just fine. As I write this, he is riding his bike recklessly through the yard, stopping to check on Lucky kitten and make sure she gets a few hugs before he heads out to ride again. His only request for the day (so far) is that I would make him pancakes, which I did, with chocolate chips.

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