Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moma Has Lost It

S2 was headed out to play football with IM (the boy next door) and explained to him “Moma didn’t get a cup set at the table for her so now we just have to wait for S1 to shoot a deer before we can eat anything.”

S4 is looking sadly at me. “Moma,” he says in his saddest voice, “we will starve.”

Yup, Moma has lost it.

This is how it all began.

It’s Saturday. We all slept in, WONDERFUL FEELING, because due to rain and H1N1 we had all soccer games cancelled. We stayed up late watching TV and I wrote a few blogs and saved them for upcoming post….one is on pumpkin thieves…and never went to bed until after midnight. Hubby had requested bacon and eggs so I started the bacon, I made the coffee, and I did all the normal things of the morning. I made the fresh from chicken eggs for my hubby and everyone had all their eggs done and starting on their next as well as the second pile of toast and almost a pound of the bacon was gone before I got a chance to sit down and an begin to eat. I went to get a drink and I had no cup. “Well,” S1 said, “we figured you always have your own cup we don’t need to get one for you.” While I do usually drink a glass of water all day long, lately I have been drinking juice or milk. So, I had to get up and get a cup.

When I sat back down, S4 needed peanut butter for his toast. It wasn’t on the table. “That okay, Moma can get it” he said.


I offered honey and that was acceptable to S4’s standards so I had to pour it for him and he drips it all over the table. On accident, I might add. But no worries, Moma is here to clean it up!

I hadn’t even eaten yet!

So, somehow this turned into S1 explaining that Moma’s job is this and that and I am supposed to do this and that and I just gave him this look.

And suddenly he just stopped speaking.

So, I told them that if they wanted dinner tonight they would have to shoot their meat, skin it, gut it, grill it and then they could eat it. I did not smile when I said this. That was truly difficult.
Then I looked at Hubby and said “I’ll make you chicken parmesan”.

“With spaghetti?” he asked.


Because we ate breakfast so late, we ate no lunch. Panic has set in. When they ask what is for dinner, I tell them it is whatever S1 shoots for dinner. They don’t say anything to that, their eyes just get really wide.

S2 spent a good hour outside looking for anything to shoot to eat.

As I write this, the chicken smells wonderfully. I am going to set a place setting for just Hubby and me. I am making enough to feed everyone, of course, but I am thinking that the thought that they have to take care of themselves just might, MIGHT, cause them to appreciate me a bit.

I’m not asking for much, just a little courtesy. This may totally back fire on me, but it sure is fun today watching their brains think this all through.

S3 has already offered to set and clear the table every day and be a big help if he could just have some spaghetti.

S1 is excited he could possibly put meat on the table now that he is an official hunter now. But his brothers are loosing faith in him as dinner time approaches quickly.

To be continued…………………..

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