Thursday, September 16, 2010

School Morning Ramblings.....

Because there are soooo many things I have to share with you and because I could write for a whole day if only I had a whole day to write, I bring to you, the condensed version of our school mornings.......

Today we are getting rain. Much rain. But when it was time to take the boys to school, I had them dressed ready for the weather. I even had on my big rain/barn boots...a bit overkill I think because by the time we got to school it was dry and when I got home it was a bit sunnish outside. S1 kept asking me if I was SURE it would rain all day. I assured him it would. It wasn't until I was home that I realized why he was so concerned on the weather....had it been nice today I am sure he would have been begging to stay home for opening day of early doe season.

Many more hunting post to write this year, I am sure.

His teacher is digging into more new favorite authors for him since he has pretty much read all of Gary Paulsen's books (I am taking all suggestions for the boy). He has been able to show off some of his summer pictures and the ones of the boar head on our living room wall. I am very thankful for his new teacher.

S2 is "adjusting" to school. He has a great teacher who is very involved in the rodeo it seems. He did some digging and brought home the football coaches phone number one day last week, just in case we thought we should call him of course. We didn't, maybe next year. His locker is filled with pictures and it makes no sense as to what they are. There are pictures of cats that were kittens when they were alive and well many moons ago. Ducks. Snakes. An odd combination that sums up his life so far. He has lost a lot of friends to other schools this year and I think his teacher is working hard to make sure he realizes school is still fun.

S3....oh my. He's forgotten his glasses twice now. He has gotten a "note home" twice as well. He loves school and does not mind that he has to go at all. Always a bit scattered in thinking and loving to a fault, he has had the hardest time getting into the swing of things and yet he is also the one who is easy going about it all and looks forward to school. His teacher is taking it all sweetly...thank goodness. And bless her!

S4 has me walk down with him every single morning to check on his classroom. For days all he could do is peek in. We now have met the teacher and said hello, which was good because his brothers were coming home saying they had met her and he had not yet and he was sure that she wasn't really going to teach and the classroom would disappear. It hasn't. We have checked all the lockers and he climbs in one every morning and has me shut the door on him and then search to find him. I have told him he can't do this when school starts because his teacher might not find it as funny as we do.

I'm not sure what the teachers DO think of us. I guess it doesn't matter but sometimes I wonder as we come down the hallway, all big booted and chatting away and telling each other goodbye by giving the evenings menu and them reminding me to check the stand and look for hunting licenses and etc.

S4 has the hardest time with it all. He keeps asking when the "good ole days" will be back. I was confused by this until Saturday when he beamed all day (even with the rain and not being able to play outside for the second Saturday in a row) and declared that the "good ole days have returned!" On the last week of the month he starts school. I cannot tell you how much that will pain me.

Funny story to end this rambling post with. The boys seem to think that now that school is in session they no longer have to set and clear the table or mow the lawn or any other such chores that they have. The lawn was soooooo long so I pulled S4 onto my lap and mowed it on the new to us Wheel Horse. (Keep in mind, with the boys around I haven't mowed the lawn all on my own in about two years or so.)

The reaction it caused.

I heard the shock in my husband's voice. "You knew how to start it?" Um....yup.

The boys got off the bus. My mom and niece were here, Jr was visiting for a few hours and all they could ask me about is why I had the garden tractor out and how did I know to mow the lawn. I finished the lawn up later in the day and I seen S1 keeping a close eye on me, sure I would run it into a tree or something girlish like that.

Moma's driving tractors. What has the world come to with them not around the farm to keep it all in control?

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Karen said...

Momma knows how to mow the lawn! I think there would be an equal amount of shock here.

It sounds like your boys have awesome teachers. It makes such a difference doesn't it?