Friday, January 13, 2012

All I Want is a Stapler

Back in October, when we asked the boys what they wanted for Christmas, S3 put at the top of his list "stapler".
I thought that sounded pretty cute, and silly, so I tweeted it.
It cracked me up that he wanted a stapler, a pencil sharpener and a calculator. 
He got all those things.

But what I didn't expect was to get a tweet from Paper Pro.
 Can we make a Xmas dream come true? Follow & I'll send you free PaperPro stapler! RT S3 made a Xmas list. asked for a stapler.

I have to admit, first I thought it was a joke.
But my husband shrugged and said, "What do you have to loose?"

So I followed, they asked for my address and then direct messaged me to see what color S3 would like.
I thought it was sweet of them to ask something like that.
And blue is by far S3's most favorite color.

Then, Paper Pro stepped it up.
"We're going to send you all a stapler!"

Since these were going to be Christmas gifts (stocking stuffers), I couldn't tell them how excited S3 would be.

So I made sure to take a picture of his beaming face when he opened that gift on Christmas.

But when I opened the box of staplers they sent me, 
that they tweeted to let me know was sitting at the door waiting for me,
I was blown away.
There was no way for them to know that S1's favorite color is green.

There was no way for them to know that S2's favorite color is red.

There was no way for them to know that S4 loves all animals.

And they even sent me a pink stapler.
Being pink, the boys will be sure to leave it alone.

In the box of staplers they sent a HANDWRITTEN note telling us to have a Merry Christmas.

I was so touched.

But what PaperPro couldn't imagine is that the boys all love their staplers.
It's as if they have such the grown up gift.

The crafts S3 and S4 make now!

The homework S1 and S2 can staple now!

This was BIG doings!

Yesterday I was at our local Meijer store and I happened to see a PaperPro stapler for sale.  It made me smile.  I checked the price.  Not a bad price at all for a stapler that staples a stack of 25 papers.  That looks cool.  That is ultra light.

Not a bad price for a company that truly gets how to care for their customers.

Or make a boy's Christmas extra merry.

PaperPro didn't ask for a blog post about them...but how could I not share about a great company!


Karen said...

Wow! I don't know when I last heard of a company being so generous! Amazing. And, the funny thing is...I need a stapler. Ours bit the dust yesterday after giving us trouble for awhile. I'll have to check their link!

Anonymous said...

How AWESOME is THAT!! Makes me want to go buy a stapler, after all, we only have 1 and that may not be enough among 5 people. I'll check them out Denise...still amazed by the goodness of God on your life.
Rebecca, not the niece, the card buddy one. ;)

Leah said...

Great story! Love to hear about companies that do fun, personal stuff like that... Yay!