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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farmer's Market Saturday

This year we have decided to branch Full Circle Farm out a bit. We went as a family to our first farm market to sell our produce there. Now is a “slow” time for us, but we thought it would be fun to try. Our first trip was Memorial Day.

It went way better than I ever imagined it going. My hubby used to own a farm market; he grew up selling on one of the busiest farm markets in the area. This market was just laid back, easy going, fun.

In fact, I was so sad when we didn’t have enough asparagus to sell the next week.

The following week I got to go…by myself with all the boys. Now just think on that. Me, four boys, asparagus and strawberries to sell. I promised the boys a fishing trip and McDonald’s if they went. They did, we did great. I was so worried about when they would have to go pee; we have to cross the road to get to a bathroom. But the boys did great. I could rave and rave about them, they did that well. It made this moma’s heart swell with pride.

It was a lot of fun too because I got to meet a fellow blogger, VS. It was so fun to meet her! I was thrilled she came down to visit us; it seemed odd to meet someone you think you know so well for the very first time. But it sure meant the world to me that she came to visit…next time I’ll have to hide a quart of our super sweet strawberries for her!

It is a lot of fun to sit there and chat with those around us. We are all there for the same reason….and we sit there chatting about the way to put salt on asparagus and how much sap it takes to make they maple syrup and how to make tea from herbs. It’s a blast! And me thinking it’s a blast just goes to show you how ‘farmer’ we really are over here.

I will try to keep ya’ll updated on the market front. It depends on what we have as to how often we can go. Later in the year I am sure we will be there every weekend but right now we just aren’t too sure, all depends on weather and what we can harvest…if we have enough we will so be there! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on it.

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Kathy said...

How fun to sell at Farmers' Market! one of things that is so worth but could go so wrong with kids in tow. I sold Tupperware at a Farmers' Market once and my kids started to wander off. It was bad. SOOO glad it worked out for you!

So fun too to meet blog friends. Is a little surreal huh?